1. S

    Gaming Looking for a teen who wanna play roblox with me, i am great at editing. Check my channel below. Can use discord

    channel - discord- GamingWithShaurya#5332 i play roblox and can use voice chat, i am really good at editing and can make boring clips better also, it will be fun playing for sure, wanna collab then i am available on discord and twitter
  2. Eve Hemingway

    Vlog FAMILY CHALLENGE COLLAB (gives us something fun to do whilst quarantined :D)

    HI family YouTubers! This time is can be pretty difficult with kids, toddlers and babies trying to keep them entertained by staying in doors. So my idea is that maybe we could do a family challenge together! I did one last week with my son where he did my makeup, and another family...
  3. Grifn4ge

    Gaming Gaming Collab Group | 18+ | Consistency

    Hi! I am looking for a group to collab with, or a few people to consistently game/record with. Sub count doesn't matter, I have just over 100 right now XD Requirements: Over 18 Pc aside from cross-platform games Decent mic Games I have (and record) R6 Siege Uno CS:GO GTA Gmod CoD Custom...
  4. X

    Gaming Xbox Collab?

    Looking to collaborate with another xbox one content creator or possibly start a gaming group to record with on a regular basis. I play a variety of games but mainly first person shooters. Feel free to hit me up with gamertags and channels mine is x6stil6nc6 for both!
  5. I

    Gaming YouTube group/friends

    Hi Guys, I'm iinzane and I am 19 years old based in the UK and I am creating this thread as I have made a new Youtube Channel ( For the 100th time since 2014) I have tried to make youtube videos for years now and I have had dips in confidence and consistenty due to friends not being able to...
  6. Atheno

    Comedy Looking for Connecticut Comedic Vloggers/Prank channels for collab!

    Looking for Connecticut Comedic Vloggers/Prank channels for collab! Send me a message on insta "atheno_yt".
  7. BreMoffatt

    Looking for collabs! ✨

    Hi everyone, my name is Bre. My YouTube channel is Bre Moffatt, I’m a very small and relatively new channel with 3,800 views and 50 subscribers but I’m hoping to branch out and collab with some of y’all! If anyone likes: Disney Horror Paranormal Conspiracy Theories Fashion Abandoned places...
  8. C

    Gaming Looking for good YouTubers to collab with...

    I am looking to collab with others and become friends :) Here are the requirements: Must be 16-18 Must have a decent mic Only PC or cross-platform games Must be active My time zone is BST but I'll accept other time zones Must speak English
  9. Y

    Gaming Looking to Make My YouTube Dream Happen! (740 Subs)

    Hello, I am YUH Fox, my channel is very active and I post almost every day. I am looking for three other people who are willing to play a variety of video games. The biggest rule is that you must have a face cam. I will screen videos to see if you are the right fit, as my content is meant to...
  10. The Crazed Side m8

    Voice Acting Looking to add voice actors to my team for Surreal comedy/drama animations

    Hey, everyone! I'm looking to add temporary/permanent voice actors to The Crazed Side! The animations are mainly surreal parodies as well as a main serialized webseries. Requirements: Voice actors need to be above 11 years old. Experience isn't...
  11. Dibge

    Gaming Ended

  12. Dibge

    Gaming Looking to Join or Create a Gaming Crew

    Hey I am a small YouTuber with around 30 subs. I’m looking to create or join a gaming collab crew. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, just comment your discord and we’ll get in touch! I am looking to grow with and help out anyone who wants to join. That includes collabs, making intros...
  13. Dibge

    Gaming Video editor looking to edit and collab.

    Hey, I am a video editor looking to edit for and collab with any gaming/group of channels. I only play on pc. I have tried a group channel before with friends but no one really had a passion for yt like I did. If you want to see the style of content I’ll post a link to my Youtube channel. If...
  14. Sir_Swif

    Gaming Gaming Collaboration

    Hey everyone. I just created a new gaming channel recently and would like to find people to record some funny gaming videos with. I have Xbox, PS4 and PC and I'm always down to try out some new games as well. The games I play are Call of Duty, some Rainbow Six Siege here and there, Destiny 2 on...
  15. ZayTelevision

    Voice Acting Voice for hire!!

    Hello i am looking to collaborate with any fellow youtubers in need of a voice or two. You may contact me on here or my email Or better yet my business cell (941) 479-1515
  16. I

    Gaming PC Gaming | YouTube Collab | Funny | 18+ | Consistency

    hey! hey! I use to make gaming videos awhile back and achieved 150+ subs (if it matters to you guys) but I decided to start over and go for a whole rebrand. I would like to play a variety of games with you guys and just have a good time. Laugh and joking around with no drama. Games like: Dead...
  17. Currcam68

    Gaming PC COLLAB

    I am currently looking for people ages 18+ to do gaming videos with each other. must have at least 100 SUBS MY CHANNEL :
  18. L

    Gaming Looking for Xbox Battlefront Player

    I'd like to see if anyone would be interested in playing a few games together on Star Wars Battlefront, gamertag is LoftyTomb78 (so is the channel). Reply if you're interested!
  19. Jokerfopl

    Gaming Funny Moments Collaboration's!

    Hey guys! Jokerfopl or Joker here looking to collab and make some funny moments videos on PC! I'm 16 which means I record in and out of school but while i'm on Christmas Break i'm looking to make some good content! As for games, I have way too many games to count. (Around 200 on Steam) meaning...
  20. Lann4daze

    Gaming Looking for some small YouTubers to collab with

    Hi, my name is Lann4daze, and I am interested in creating a small YouTuber collab. It mostly would be like occasional videos on PC FPS games and other popular stuff. The only requirements would be that you are 12-16 and do not swear. It would be ideal if you have less than 100 subs, as I feel...
  21. PratAttack

    Gaming PC CS:GO or Minecraft collab

    Looking for people to chill with and make videos on cs:go and minecraft with (I am really bad at games so it would be a funny moments type of video) The only things is it would not be pg and have some language and I would prefer the person to be 15 or over just for maturity sake (Im almost 17)...
  22. WhySoZ

    Gaming Looking to collab PC | PS4

    Hi there! I'm a very small channel with only 11 subscribers currently as my channel was inactive due to some hardware problems and I had taken my older videos down in order to lead my channel in a better direction. I'm working on remastering some but I'm not going to talk about that right now...
  23. W

    Gaming Would anyone here like to do a collab on an io game or something?

    i don't have anything else, if you are interested, contact me on my discord server:
  24. L

    Gaming Looking for collaborations

    Hey all I’m sav aka LuvLockDwn. I recently started YT a month ago now with 71 subs im looking to continue growth. I play Apex Legends PS4 mostly but recently got back into call of duty. I’m willing to play anything as well i can get into PC gaming if necessary. I envision myself with a close...
  25. mattandmarti

    Vlog Vlogging in Tulum Who's around :)

    We're currently touring central America and are in Tulum, Mexico for the next month. Anyone around fancy a meetup/collab!?
  26. Flin

    Gaming [] Looking for friends to record with! [16+]

    Hello! My name is Flin! I started a channel and going to start posting soon! currently in the process in changing a lot of stuff but also looking for friends to record with and make some funny moments, I'm just looking for a few people to invite to a discord server and record and have a good...
  27. N

    Gaming Minecraft and other gaming collabs

    Hi i just recently made this account and the reason to why is to get a group of gamers to play on a minecraft server whether its modded or vanilla but im looking for people with good commentary and also do YouTube and the age range of 17+ (im 22) my discord is IshMeister#4544 so add me up and...
  28. CO2ACID

    Gaming (PS4)GTA 5 funny moment and ****** around group (long term)

    I had a YouTube Channel I started posting GTA videos with my friends and tried to make a recording group with them but they didn’t know how to use basic video recording software...anyways I would love to start recording videos again with people. got a very dark sense of humor Don’t care how...
  29. A

    Vlog Looking for a person to make a test collab video (Business related)

    Greetings, I am an entrepreneur from Switzerland who is planning to start a Youtube channel related to small business, self-development and entrepreneurial topics. I'd like to make a test collab video with someone who is already having an experience of being a businessperson or who would...