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Hi Guys, I'm iinzane and I am 19 years old based in the UK and I am creating this thread as I have made a new Youtube Channel ( For the 100th time since 2014) I have tried to make youtube videos for years now and I have had dips in confidence and consistenty due to friends not being able to play/ or want to as well as them not having the same aspirations as me and I want to meet people and make friends who want to make youtube videos and share the same goals etc as me.

So if you are over the age of 18; have good mic quality; are based on PC the please dont be afraid to add my discord which is iinzane#8854 or drop a comment and I will get back to you as quick as I can.

hope to speak to you soon.
Hey iinzane,

My name is R0gue Ryder, I'm 24 a.nd based in the US. I currently use a Blu Yeti Snowball for my mic. I'm not 100% based on the PC as I also play games on my PS4.
What is your YouTube Channel name so I can look at your content?