1. Dynamont

    Channel Feedback Request

    Hey! So I'm new to the YTTALK forums. I actually just posted up my "Introduction" thread. :) I was wondering if anyone had some spare time on their hands to possibly stop by my channel and check out a few videos and then give some honest opinions? :) I'm always looking for ways I can better...
  2. Zhracolichian Studios

    Vote for a game that i play next

    What's up YT talk people, i've been around this place for a short while, made some new friends on the way, now i need your help! What game should i play next? I have a poll going up and running, so if you like the list of games, vote for your favourite! (also, if this isn't allowed on this...
  3. LikableMike

    4,000 VIEWS!!??!! WOOOOOOOO!!!

    Yesterday I hit 4000 views without even realizing cause the views counter doesn't work on youtube. I can't Believe that many people have watched my videos. I Really cant comprehend it. I was ecstatic when thirty people watched me let alone 4000. Also Im at 31 subscribers which is amazing but i...
  4. Callan Wills


    Pierre has got new glasses, so I'm sharing, on behalf of him as per usual :D @Selim Keles @Vicboss @G-Man
  5. Zenova

    Gaming PC COLLAB!

    Hello I'm Zenova and I play a lot of Call of Duty and Counterstrike Global Offensive on my PC threw steam. I don't have very many subs at all but I just want to have fun I'm looking for people 12-16 years old I play COD BO2, CS:GO, COD WAW and more.
  6. Matitude

    Gaming Collabs With All You Special People

    Of course as you can tell, I hope, that I do gaming videos. And in particular, commentary gaming videos. I want to say right off that I am not big into doing collabs with Call of Duty or anything of that such mainly because so many have done it. I want to be special and remembered for playing a...
  7. Bentura Madrid

    100 Subscribers! Oh Yeah!!

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to announce my channels first milestone... 100 subscribers! Thank you all. My next video will be an extra special one! Now on to 500 :0) Channel: Digital Bird Music Nest Thanks, Bentura Madrid
  8. Anjim

    Promoting Youtube Channels On Forums

    First I want to thank everyone in Yttalk for the positive feedback and support! I have two channel Anjim 2.0 (anime channel) and Anjim Plays (gaming channel). I am using my gaming channel in this forum because their are other gaming channels who are trying to grow like me than anime channels. I...
  9. Crown

    New moderator

    I'm very happy to announce that @KatyAdelson is now a moderator here at YTtalk. Katy has been consistently active since she joined here in March 2015. Her posts and sense of humour add significant value to the community and so I'm delighted that she is now part of the team. :) Congratulations...
  10. Jayel_Boss

    I'm kind of lost

    Hey people's so i know that on yttalk that you must have a membership to post threads in certain forums so i was just curious since i don't have a membership is there a forum where i could copy and paste my videos or a link on there and ask for peoples opinion on it or is that against the...
  11. Cynikal

    Would you click on my videos?

    I've gone through and redone most of my thumbnails, tags, and titles to keep everything more consistent on my channel. With these new thumbnails, would you click on them? I spend a ton of time on my videos and go through hours of footage for them so feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  12. FraYoshi

    500 Subs!!! :D

    Hit right now: 500 subscribers!!!!!! This is a Milestone I set so much time ago, so for me is not only a regular milestone but a BIG stupid smile on my face :D For this reason I decided to challenge myself doing what I asked myself to do in this year but that I never done: My first video in...
  13. KaiCreative

    Meet Up/Gathering MEET UP SUCCESS! YTTALK actually works!

    So I used YTTALK to shout out a possible collab at London MCM comic con last weekend and was able to meet up with comic book expert @Trist who helped us film a few comic book makers and cosplay interviews for our channels. We had a great time and were able to film some great content! What a...
  14. FraYoshi

    When You are nearly a Milestone..

    I'm actually nearly a milestone I set years ago and I'm feeling very strange......... :unsure: 8 subscribers to 500 ~5000 at 10k views But I'm experiencing many changes in my life, way to do things, work, minds... It started in a language but evolved in another.. It started as a random...
  15. Savage Gamerz

    4k Subs, Milestone Update!

    Hey Everyone, just wanted to let you all know i got to 4k Subs, i am very happy. This would of never happened if it was not for all my Subcribers and this YTtalk Community, its cause of all of you i keep going cause every time i see people doing there best to keep going, it makes me never give...
  16. Cynikal

    Gaming Looking for PC Collab (18+)

    Games I own: Gmod - CS:GO - Dirty Bomb - Commentaries - F2P Games My subs currently: 176 - Looking for someone around 125 - 225 subscribers My own videos take inspiration from Tomato Gaming, TearofGrace, and similar, so if you enjoy or know them or share a similar sense of humor just looking...
  17. CraftersMagicYT

    The Grudge Let's Play - Video Review Please?

    Just looking for what you think commentary wise, audio wise, video wise, just how the video is in general, looking for some feedback :) if you could be as kind to do so I would be greatful, and of coarse you win 1 cookie :3 Thanks again :) - Cookie
  18. MrWapk

    Is This A Good Idea?

    I was contacted with this message: Hey! I'm starting up a community channel for The Culling and was wondering if I could use your zero kills win clip in a funny/lucky moments montage? You would be credited (of course) to your YouTube, Twitch or whatever you would like! Let me know if that's...
  19. Dex

    Hey!! I need a lil guidance

    Hey all YTtalkers :) Greetings!!!! I make match videos on Call of champions (Fastest Moba game which ends in 5 mins) and map walkthrough and Short movies on ARCANE LEGENDS (mmorpg). Our gaming community is very small and they kind of like my videos. I get lots of positive comments and responses...
  20. VoidTranceYT

    We Hit That 50 Sub Mark!

    Its great to see that over 50 people want to see my videos and content. Playing and making informational as well as funny Call of Duty Videos has been a passion for quite a while and now that I can do it the overwhelming support is absolutely great Thank You YTTalk! Maybe I will see you on my...
  21. Mr Danny

    Amount of videos vs. Promotion

    Hello YTTalkers! So as soon as January ends, I'm gonna have a lot more time to spend on YouTube, and I was wondering what you guys thought would help grow my channel the most: uploading 2 videos a week (instead of only 1 like I 'try' to do now) or spend the time that it would take me to make...
  22. Shehzad

    YTtalk Setting up your YouTube channel link

    For anyone needing help on this here is the video I made for fixing/setting up your YT channel link. Share it to people if you see their channel link is broke.
  23. The Potato Walrus

    Request Requesting an Intro! Make offer!

    Hey there, I'm really in need of an outro, and I'm willing to fork out $15 in yttalk cash to whoever makes a good one that I can use. I would prefer if you made it originally, without anything else. Thank you for taking the time to read this, btw. Also, I will definitely give you a shout-out...
  24. Vdawg

    40 awesome subscribers!!!!

    Just after hitting 40 subscribers and its absolutely awesome!! I'm delighted :)
  25. Jawad Soomro


    Hello amazing people of YTTALK! So today I complete 1 YEAR on YTTALK. It is so awesome feeling that I am part of this community. I have learned many things from here, YTTALK people are so supportive and they help everytime. So I am proud to be a YTTALKER! @G-Man @Riddikore @Shendijiro @Selim...
  26. DavidThe SpanishNinja


    This is my 100 subscriber special for my channel and i hope you guys can go check it out as well as subscribing to help me get to 150 subscribers. Also i entered a contest for this video so it would help me get a higher chance of winning as well .I love how this website makes my channel grow and...
  27. CaptainDelugo

    1000 posts on YtTalk!

    *Trumpets sound* Hurray, dang I've never been around for so long on a community but I guess you can just fall in love with this place! Thank you all for accepting me here and being so nice to me and everyone, it's all appreciated! May this community grow more and may my posts rise even more :D
  28. Dan18

    200 VIEWS!! :D

    Hey guys whats up?! :) So a couple of days ago i made a post about having 100 views, a couple of days later im now already at 200 views! :) Again probably not as much as others but im definitely happy! I didnt think id have an extra 100 views in a matter of days! :) thanks to everyone who...
  29. DukWin

    Video Got Removed

    Back in September I uploaded what I believed to be my greatest video to date. It was a GTA V Cinematic Music video that I had worked on hard for at least a month. By the end of October it had reached about 260 views but then it was removed for no reason and no warning, possibly due to a nasty...
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