1. Shendijiro

    Where to post threads.

    Here is a small guide for when you’re confuse on were to post your thread. YTTALK COMMUNITY ~ News and Announcements This is where the staff will post the news and announcements related to YTtalk. Only they are allowed to post here. ~ Site Support and Suggestions This is the place where you...
  2. AG99

    Why can't I unpublish videos from my channel feed?

    Hi Guys! I am trying to unpublish a number of videos from my channel feed but every time I hide them they just re-appear when I refresh. I have even deleted the videos in question but nothing works! Is this a glitch? Or is there some other solution to this problem! Would you love to get an...
  3. Michael

    YTtalk Upgraded

    Hey everyone, YTtalk has just undergone an upgrade and we have a few new great features that I think you will love: Thread Tagging: When creating a thread you can now add tags to your thread, just like when you add tags to your videos you can help others find what you have posted by tagging...
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