1. The New Travel Blog

    Just made my channel's first trailer... could use a review. It's called "Is Anyone Even Watching?"

    I hope it can motivate other youtubers... and I welcome your feedback thanks :)
  2. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Stay Motivated.

  3. TheMix

    The YouTube Dream

    Clearly everyone on this forum isn't a huge youtuber. We mainly all come on here to interact with other small youtubers for advice, advertising our channels, and just to see all the kindness. With that being said being on this forum the past few days I have felt very welcomed by so many people...
  4. Saddy

    Giving up? How do you stay motivated?

    So, ive been doing youtube on and off for a few years and never really took it this seriously untill this time around, but the only problem is we have flat lined on 932 subs for the last month and slowly starting to lose motivation.. What keeps you guys motivated?
  5. Tevan

    REACHED 15,000 SUBS and 22+million subs on 7/5/2016

    I'm so happy to share that I have finally reached my goal of 15k subs and 22+million overall views! My channel has been growing for the past 6 years and now I'm now starting to mark down all my goals! Next I want to reach up to 15,500!
  6. MistyEmma

    Feeling demotivated sometimes on YouTube?

    Here's some tips to help you get back up on your feet!
  7. MistyEmma

    Feeling Demotivated? Feeling Like your channel's not growing enough?

    Here are some tips to help you stay motivated ^-^. Don't give up :p Growth can be slow on YouTube sometimes, but just keep on doing what you love, and you'll get where you wanna go.
  8. chillion

    any motivation tips?

    Hello, I'm a person that really struggles to get motivated, as much as I love to make films, I just can't be motivated. I might be lazy, or I might not bother, but I really feel like if I want to continue with youtube, I need to make films, and I need to get motivated. Any tips or techniques to...
  9. Anjim

    The Reason I Want To Quit My Job For Youtube

    I know YouTube is not a get rich quick scheme but it's brings out your talent and the freedom to express yourself. Here is the story, I work at a office government job 8-4pm Mon-Friday (I can't say what it is) and the people their advantage of me and I got 5 supervisors (I suppose to have one)...
  10. Preston Clarke


    Before we get to in depth i want to state OBVIOUSLY by no means am I a professional but I feel as though these are a few things that one MUST have in order to be successful not only on youtube but in life. 1. Work Ethic 2. Sacrifice 3. Dedication Work Ethic - Work ethic I would say is the...
  11. imjeh

    Nostalgic or Tragic?

    Hello to all of you, I am a new member of this community, which I really like and seems very interesting! I am here for more than one reason, but my priority is improvement, positiveness and correction. I used to make gaming videos, had over 2k subscribers, and really enjoyed my video editing...
  12. Puck Mitchell


    Alo Elo there guys, this here is a video I felt appropriate to post on the film and animation as I spend a lot of time editing using Sony Vegas 13. Customising the game-play to fit a cinematic style and add an element of emotion. Anyway, ENJOY.
  13. Kieran Hedley Fitness


    Hope you enjoy it! :D
  14. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Improving Your Squat | Exceed Your Limitations With Your Why

    Yo guys! Just release a new video on improving your squat and pushing past your limitations! This is something that is really close to my heart, as it is something that pushes me to do what I love every single day (: Chur guys!
  15. Occasional Vlog

    getting motivated and being brave. daily vlog #4

    We all get rattled by different things and for me that involves (pretty much anything) outside my home, for it is indeed where my heart is. But being brave is on my manifesto hence this crazy attempt at daily vlogging - so brave I will be. A small challenge for some, a big one for me so be...
  16. Heather White

    June 2016 Goals For My Fitness & Beauty Channel

    What's up guys? I'm Heather and I'm a new YouTuber. I've hit my first 10 SUBSCRIBERS today!! I know it's not a lot, but I know I have to start somewhere. I was just excited to share that with you guys and hope you'll come check out my channel, where I post regularly. My goal for June is to gain...
  17. The New Travel Blog

    "Just Keep Uploading" - a short article inspired by Casey Neistat

    Hey everyone, I wrote this article today. It's inspired by Casey Neistat. I hope it inspires you to stay motivated with youtube. -Dan "Just Keep Uploading" “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it...
  18. aazzzzaa18

    How Long Have You Been You Tubing & What Keeps You Motivated

    How Long Have You Been You Tubing & What Keeps You Motivated
  19. JustMonotone

    For Those With Little Motivation

    Hello guys! My name is JustMonotone. I know I have said this before but I will probably say it in my posts all the time. I am a high school student from San Antonio who is trying to have a fun time on YouTube and trying to express himself and meet new people. I know that it's hard starting out...
  20. LadyAiluro

    300 Subscribers Holy WHAT

    Woke up this morning and done my ussual thing. Look in the corner of my eye and there it is ... 300! Can you imagine all these 300 people in a room or a hall. It's crazy! I try not to think about numbers too much and just do what i do, but wow does it give you a boost in motivation.
  21. Kacper

    Not Being Motivated | Where Have I Been | My Thoughts

    First video I uploaded in over 2 weeks due to lack of motivation, I talk about that and that I have to change in this video
  22. Kacper

    Not Being Motivated |My Thoughts

  23. PositivelyBrainwashed

    How to have Endless Motivation! - Infinite Loop System Trailer

    Trailer for my Infinite Loop System. Brainwash yourself to success. Enjoy :)
  24. ChrisLegend

    Other Self Development Channel Looking For People Who Want To Create A Powerful "Motivational Family"

    Hey there peeps! I'm looking for other motivational/inspirational channels that are centered around self-development that want to collab with each other and then proceed to make a "Motivational Family/Community" where we all promote eachother and raise each other up until we are literally at the...
  25. CoolMoo5

    Post a YouTube Tip

    Reply to this with a SINGLE YouTube tip. Anything that a YouTuber might find helpful. It can be an obvious tip or something a little more complicated. You don't have to agree with all tips posted. I thought it would be cool to have a whole thread of YouTube tips that are short and easy to...
  26. Doom Video Vault

    Video motivation?

    What could I do to motivate myself to record new content for my channel? I already have content that goes back a whole year on top of that tho. Same goes with occasionally uploading new content.
  27. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...
  28. abhinavguptaonline

    Motivational Video

  29. Anass Ayad Khalil

    Vlog New Collaboration For Any Genre (Almost)

    Hey guys! I recently started a youtube channel based around my blog (I Will Win Now), which reflected around my personal life, and how I am striving to achieve my goals, whilst helping other along the way. I'm looking for anybody willing to collaborate with me, I must admit I have a very small...
  30. CaptainDelugo

    Have Fun, Make Fun.

    Good day all of you lads. Today I am here to give a short technique or more like tip to help my fellow youtubers out. The tip is mostly pointed at gaming channels but I am rather sure that any channel could profit from it. The thing I'm going to say will be cliché but many people still seem to...