1. N

    6 videos 300 views and 35 subs I LOVE YOU

    The title says it all im greatful and motivated
  2. J

    I LOVE CREATING CONTENT! + Motivation to keep going?

    Hello everybody, I have been making youtube content for over a month now and it has been f*****g amazing! I have always wanted to really dive into making consistent content on youtube and putting myself out there has been the best decision ever. 2015 was one of the worst years of my life. I...
  3. J

    This is my favorite video I've uploaded so far!

    I have been doing youtube for over a month, I have two shows that are running on my channel, and the video I just uploaded is my favorite so far. I think it's my personal favorite because I really like all the clips I shot, this topic and all the jokes were written whilst going through some...
  4. KingGaming

    Need motivation

    Hello everybody my name is Michael and i have little problem i hope you guys could help me with. So basically i want to do this youtube thing really badly but every time i say it to myself the day before or some hours before i just become lazy and dont do any videos, dont know why really...
  5. AlexYoutube


    Hey guys, I just wanted to know what your motivation or intention in making YT videos is!? For me the most important thing is to do more and more filming and editing every day and to teach myself how to get better. :):) Would love to hear your thoughts !
  6. TechSquizz

    YouTubers with Lost Desire & Motivation + Frustration

    I'm sick of seeing people / threads from Youtubers saying they have lost the desire and motivation to upload and ultimately feel frustrated because of a lack of Subs and Views. I think its down to people seeing others producing big view counts and thinking its easy. So they start off with a...
  7. Moses Minchuk

    How to ACTUALLY START Youtube for Lazy people

    Before I actually get into this I want to introduce myself. My name is Moses I am also a youtuber specifically a tech tuber. I have a channel called OutputTech. I have posted a couple videos but now lets get into it! Now a lot of people out there are lazy, just like me. So most people want, and...
  8. Moses Minchuk

    What gives motivation?

  9. artiflex

    An inspirational message for all the video creators...

    An inspirational message for all the video creators... This message is for all the creators who are spending a lot of time making their videos and don't get the results they want. I don’t know what that dream is that you have. I don’t care how disappointing it might’ve been as you’ve been...
  10. ChineseIrish

    "No one clicked on it, no one liked it..."

    I saw this on Seth Godin's blog today and thought it was super applicable to us folk. ^^ "These two ideas are often uttered in the same sentence, but they're actually not related. People don't click on things because they like them, or because they resonate with them, or because they change...
  11. Cody Daniel

    Your Inspiration?

    I just wanted to know what made you want to do gaming youtube videos? Everyone has a reason. Mine is because of Markiplier! My best friend Tony showed me a few of his videos and soon enough, I was hooked on him! He's my favorite youtuber to this day! Soon after I started watching him, Mark...