Don't mind the "very professional" camera stand. I have a small desk so I have everything cramped a bit. I will also be moving to other room soon so my soundproofing stuff will be a bit better done, for now it mostly serves as better background than I had before. So yeah, that's that.

And I thought I was the only one that use a digital photo camera to record the video. lol

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I wonder if I have enough screens?;) I couldn't stop myself. And this is just one corner of my room aka the man cave. I also have a huge green screen set up on the other side of it.

It's a mostly a gaming setup 'cause that the kinda sorta things I do. :).

I also now have an external hard drive hooked up to my PS4 and a second external hard drive hooked up to my PC. A back up for my backup. :).

Also, I'm totally enjoying seeing everyone's setup.

Later my cool dudes! :).
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Lol my setup is to big to take picture not bc it's alot it's just my space is so small it's hard to get a nice wide, lol the camera is on the bed 3 eye lights which i'm not a fan of and no rim lights but a back light to make the white walls a little bit of color. I have video if want to see it.
When watching BTS of things it's always really cool to see how everything is done and set up so I've decided to make a thread where you post your setup explaining how it all works, these things seem fascinating :p Beware I might end up asking loads of questions :D

I guess I'll start it off then here's mine...
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What I do here is I have my camera hooked up to my pc monitor so I can see everything in big screen, then my microphone mounted to a tripod sitting in front of where I sit, connected via an extension cable to the camera, then at the side I have my laptop where I put up all the main points I need to say and that's pretty much my setup :)

Ok so you're up next :D
I needed an overhead camera mount. I searched online and found most stores offered lots of either flimsy or too expensive solutions. Next i watched a lot of youtube videos where people had made their own but they all ended up buying metal pipe or wood stuff and/or making them way overcomplicated, time consuming, and again expensive. Finally I was inspired by the creativity of some younger youtubers building stuff from Lego, books, and all sorts- making us grown ups look less than clever. :giggle: So i grabbed a couple of items from the Garage and made this is in less than 5 minutes. Hight adjustable and supporting 2 tonnes lol
My current setup is for animation and music production, if I record video it's usually with my Galaxy S3 camera.
There's also more to the left and right but didn't include it in this photo, it's just a guitar, amp, a kinect, and some useless other junk like controllers.

Do you have an audio interface that you use to connect the midi controller and mic to your computer? If so, what brand and model?