My current gaming setup! Just using a dual monitor with a blue snowball as a microphone and a logitech microphone!


I love your the purple and the funko pops you have on display!
I sometimes record at this setup but I tend to shoot a lot elsewhere. This is because I'm a photographer and a vlogger and tend to not use sometimes.


Monitor: LG 25UM58 Ultrawide Monitor
Creative Sound Speakers
Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical Keyboard
Corsair M65 Mouse
set up.JPG

It's messy, but we're rearranging the room and I just finished a video not too long ago :winky:

My setup focuses on editing and a very small (for now, hopefully) amount of animation. The dual monitors make editing significantly easier for me as I use the left monitor for video editing and the right one for audio editing and file retrieval. The TV on the wall is just a cheap RokuTV I got for Netflix/YouTube/Crunchyroll etc. When the computer is rendering something and I have 10-30 minutes to kill, I'll turn it on and watch something quick.

The ring light is admittedly way too bright for the size of the room, as it's always a bit too close to what I'm filming (myself included, my poor retinas). It's improved the quality of video I get from my camera by a lot though, so it's worth it until I get a soft box light for the room and use the ring light for other things. You can see it also has a mount for the camera in the center, so it doubles as my tripod a lot of the time.

The microphone is a Blue Yeti USB Mic, thrown on a regular stage microphone stand with a pop filter attached to it. The Yeti does work very well (especially after some touch-up in Audacity) so a mic upgrade isn't a near-future thought quite yet. The reason I don't have a mic stand attached to the table is because I do "skit" type segments in my videos, a lot of which are thought up on the spot, so with the stage stand I can position it wherever I want to get good audio from where I decide to shoot the scene. Being as I make gaming videos, these scenes aren't long or tedious, so it works out pretty well.

The right monitor does have a webcam attached to it, which is used for streaming (I run everything through OBS Studio, in case anyone wants to know).

The two things I want to add the most would be some soundproofing foam on the walls, and a new camera. Mine records 1080p 60fps, but was cheap and doesn't look that great.

The light on the wall is a small OTTFF PAR LED RGBP light. I have a second one coming, and they'll be used to color wash the wall behind me in my videos/streams. It's too close to the wall in this picture to get good coverage but it actually works really well. You can find them on Amazon for great prices.

I'm happy with it, though it time I hope I can add all the rest of the things I've been planning for it :)