Recording = Awkward?!

I felt awkward when I were walking in Berlin with my vlog camera and people were looking at me like: what is his problem?!
Yeah I know that feeling. It felt very awkward when I was walking around in my trench coat suit and costume in the winter for this anime expo thing. I have plans to get a camera and eventually do real life prop's and stuff and it will be even more awkward walking down the road in my trench coat and costume say in the middle of the summer... But nonetheless I am looking forward to that :D
Not really, I frequently loose track with my wording, forcing me to pick it up or redo a segment though! Just like in real life television I suppose!
Yea like you said, I try to make the videos when people are not in my house but when there are people in my house its so damn awkward. They sometimes realize that I am filming but they get awkward too and tries to be quiet... Damn youtube
Geez, You should have seen me the first time I recorded. I would press the button to record but I wouldn't say anything. I felt SO weird just sitting there talking to nobody, but now I am getting more comfortable. I still go to a different part of the house where nobody is though.
I find it easier talking to a camera with enthusiasm when I'm home alone. When there's other people in the house I'm concerned about being mocked haha