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About page is showing 6000 views from last few days. Although I am just counting views from videos which are visible and not private or deleted.
Is 11.000 the number on your analytics page or on your main/about page? The last one doesn't include views from removed videos. In case you've deleted some videos.

But YT says 'lifetime' views. So I assume the 10,000 views required will include views from deleted videos as lifetime views is the one from analytics.
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I was monetizing my videos before the new rule came out in April 2017.

I have reached YT's required 10,000 lifetime views few days ago. However I have yet to see any ads served on my videos.

Is it just my region not having any ads to serve.
You have to go into your settings and activate the monetization by filling out forms and so on.
It's that or you can get partnered with a multi-channel network that you'll sign with instead and fill out forms and contracts with. However do a lot of research before doing so.

Upon hitting 10,000 lifetime views it doesn't automatically activate on the channel. Hope that helps ya. =]
Hey everyone i have a youtube channel and I'm coming up on 10,000 views for ad revenue but i had ads before this had happened and it saids monetization is available since i had it before but i can't find it anywhere where it saids youtube needs to review my channel in order to get ads does youtube do this automatically as soon as i ht 10k views?
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