views are frozen

  1. A

    Drastic Drop View

    My channel is dying. I had ca. 100k view per day, it has dropped to 15k in the meantime. I know my audience and I know their taste. Couple of weeks ago, when I posted a good video, it received several thousands views within 24 hours, after 30/48 hours the view slowed down. But now my best...
  2. JustSisterThings

    Sudden drop in views

    Lately I've seen a sudden drop in views on my latest 3 videos. Usually we'll get around 20 to 30 views in 1 day, but now we gotta be happy if there are any views at all, Any idea if there is a change in the algorythm again or something we can do to improve on this? Or any other explanations on...
  3. alperen420

    LOCKED - Monetization at 10.000 views

    So my channel has about 9000 views,i think i'll reach 10k views within 4-5 days.So what exactly happens when i surpass 10k views ? Will my videos instantly start getting ads and start earning money ? I'm currently associated with adsense.

    My Views on my video are frozen and I lost views !!! Pls help !

    Hey guys ! I recently posted a video and it racked up more than 313 views on the first night ! However, the next morning, the view count froze and then jumped down to 75 ! now its stuck at 105 ! :( Please help. Anyone have an idea on how to fix it or contact youtube to fix it ?