My channel is dying. I had ca. 100k view per day, it has dropped to 15k in the meantime. I know my audience and I know their taste. Couple of weeks ago, when I posted a good video, it received several thousands views within 24 hours, after 30/48 hours the view slowed down. But now my best content gets barely 1k view in 24 hours. Some of them gets more view after few days. I had several thousand viewers watching my videos per hour, now it has dropped to less than 1k, 400, 500... Horrible!

Similar content on other channels with lower quality and less subscribers get 1000 times more view. How is that possible!

I don't have any motivation to work anymore.


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First off, you need to fix the link to your channel, we can't see it. Once you do that we can see why this is happening, or at least have a clue.
Same response as PhysicsFreak101. Can't help you if we can't see your channel and try to understand the problem so gg