view drop

  1. J

    Views and Subscribers Data are Missing with Shades on Youtube Analytics

    Hi All, I'm a beginner on YouTube and want to ask something. Today my views and subscribers drop then I see YouTube analytics to check it. I see that there is a data section shaded with writing data processing. Does that mean my data is being reviewed by Youtube? May I know the details about...
  2. A

    Drastic Drop View

    My channel is dying. I had ca. 100k view per day, it has dropped to 15k in the meantime. I know my audience and I know their taste. Couple of weeks ago, when I posted a good video, it received several thousands views within 24 hours, after 30/48 hours the view slowed down. But now my best...
  3. Dymund

    Get subscribers

    hi guys So I’m quite new to YouTube ( month and half) and I was wondering how I get get more people to watch my videos. I think my video quality is pretty good. But people are just not watching how can I improve on this
  4. VRONA

    locked - Looking for Honest Feedback to Finally Grow my Channel

    Hey everyone! I am looking for some honest channel feedback or advice on what I could do to grow or has prevented my channel from growing, seeing how I only got 204 subscribers and 8k views after 4 years. What's even stranger is that across these 4 years, my content has been quickly dropping in...
  5. MPigeon99

    My views have dropped drastically! :(

    2 months ago I started uploading GTA videos on YouTube (will start playing other games soon though) and I have 20000 subscribers right now. I have about 25 videos on my channel and most of them have over 30k views (some even over 100k). I used to get tons of comments in the first few minutes of...
  6. M

    Video views aren't rising?

    Hey guys, so I was looking through my videos today and I noticed that certain videos have almost no views. I understand that some videos will of course be more popular than others, but I didn't realize there would be such a huge difference. Example: I uploaded a video this morning and it's...
  7. ChimpTv

    After a really good start my views have plummeted, any ideas why?

    I started a YouTube channel recently covering car crash compilations called ChimpTv. I advertise in all the usual places (FB, G+,Twitter) Now my views are just dwindling away despite collecting subscribers and likes along the way Any ideas whats going on?
  8. martingray360

    48h estimated views constantly the same... why

    My channel is very new, just entered 2nd month. Until 2-3 days ago daily views fluctuated from 1000 to 3800 on weekends. Now they are constantly on 2500 estimated views for last 48h. Occasionally it drops to 2400 but quickly go back to 2500 and stay there. Is that normal? Why YT is doing that...
  9. Little World View

    When first starting a channel what do you feel is more important: subs or views?

    i get annoyed looking at how subs can go up a little bit then the next day someone unsubscribes lol I'm only at 7 right now but was over ten last week. Part of me wonders if it's better to just care more about my view count and things like retention rate. What do you think?