1. Heather White


    After about a year of being on YouTube, I am finally at 10,000 views on my channel. So excited about continuing to grow my audience. Any tips for promoting videos?
  2. alperen420

    LOCKED - Monetization at 10.000 views

    So my channel has about 9000 views,i think i'll reach 10k views within 4-5 days.So what exactly happens when i surpass 10k views ? Will my videos instantly start getting ads and start earning money ? I'm currently associated with adsense.
  3. JayVee

    10 000 views and 200 subs! :D

    Hey guys! We have hit 200 subscribers and i want to thank you all who have subscribed. i have a gaming channel and we all know how crowded that topic is! my advice make video's never stop!
  4. K

    I've hit 10,000 total video views!

    It's taken me 5 years, at least 20 deleted videos, a channel redesign, a second channel that has beaten me in video views by at least 10 fold but darn it, I did it!!
  5. adams eats

    It's like 10,000 views when all I need is a knife

    Sing that title along to that popular Alanis Morissette song So yes, I reached the 10,000 views benchmark. Pretty happy with that and almost 250 subs. I could probably get more views, but I'm still young and learning. Have a great day folks ☺
  6. Justine


    So we're a little bit over now, but I just recently reached 10,000 views! Thats so cool! It's so weird to think that, in total, 10,000 people watched my videos, but it's super cool at the same time as it being weird:happy: I just wanna say thanks to anyone on the forum that's seen my videos and...
  7. Nebojsa032

    10,000 views and 100 subscribers!

    Hi, recently i have reached 10,000 views and 100 subscribers and i am very happy now :) I am on youtube for about 3 months actively, and i give my best to make good and helpful videos. Every single view and sub means a world to me, because, in one way, Youtube motivates me, i love creating...
  8. Jack Swish


  9. KantoGaming


    I reached 10,000 channel views ! :dance: I'm not too sure why people like my channel, but thank you for finding me somewhat interesting! Hahah. I just like to game and I'm glad I can spread happiness and make awesome friends while doing it.
  10. darkstarmedia


    It was only a couple of weeks ago that I hit 7,500 views and now I'm on 10,000 already! Admittedly, I think my MCM Comic Con video doing so well is the biggest contribution to that but heck, like I'm gonna complain! Thanks a million to everyone who's tuned in to watch my stuff, it really means a...
  11. hcetiny

    Happy to announce 10.000 Views

    I'm happy to announce 10.000 views on my channel Kiddopedia. I've had just had a look at my previous milestone, which I posted two months ago. It was "1000 Views and 20 subs (almost)". A couple of my videos are gaining viewers through search results. My content is highly searchable, and I'm...