awesome so we have three peeps lol anyone know of any other MN youtubers? i know only one and ill invite him to this thread. ill spread the word on my channel as well!
There COULD already be a group of peeps who meet, or want to meet and are trying to start, or have successfully started their own meetup. We might encounter that at some point of getting people together, and if someone chimes up and mentions it, we can ask them about it and maybe consider adding to them instead (Easiest)

If you're really setting up a Facebook for this, then its literally the matter of looking throughout YTtalk, Facebook, Youtube gamer channels, etc. for people who are interested (tenatively, since we have no actual plans yet). ... Once again, the only way this will work is if we have enough people who are interested, and that we have people who will host. Otherwise, it'll fail.

All this is right now is an interest check.

If we get enough people interested, then we can think serious (OR, someone with the initiative will end up running with the idea and maybe grab the helm, or co-ordinate specific people to run it)