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hey guys my name is Trevor. my youtube channel is called Divide And Conquer! I am wondering if there are any YouTube meet ups hear in Minnesota.
Had looked at this myself, there apparently was a 'big' community of it like, a few years ago, but checking the site, it looks like a lot of stuff is out of date.
I think i know of who you are talking about and yeah they have been really inactive lately idk why. i just wish there were more places to find other youtubers in your area.
Yeah I know what you mean. And it's not even like there's no Youtubers in the area, it's just I think there's no real common place/event that most of them go to. lol No 'Midwest VidCon' or anything like that.
Well, I don't know about any event, but my youtube group Confidence Crew is 4/5ths from Minnesota. If we want to blow the conch and see who else is out there, I'm in.
how would we go about this! :) i'm in!

Well, we would definitely need enough people to do it before going forward.
And then gather those who have experience in event planning.

I used to do stuff in the local music scene, so I have some basic exp.

First thing would be to find the people tho, depending how large we want it.
i am new at this kinda thing but i would love to learn! :) honestly i would say as big as we can make it! so how do we go about finding people?
No clue.
Dude! I aint the cook; I'm just stirring the pot. =P

LOL. I'm just lighting a fire here. Word of mouth. If you know MN youtube peeps, talk to em. Have them talk to other people they know.
My point is... there is no reason to even start something if there aren't people first. Thats all I'm saying.