1. Nerdtella

    Other Minnesota Collab Anyone?

    Just moved to Minnesota recently from Orlando, Florida. Looking for other serious YouTubers nearby who would like to make a video together. My videos are based around all things nerdy/geeky and fun. Already have a couple local YouTubers who are lined up. I live in Roseville (St Paul/Minneapolis)...
  2. BIGtheRED

    Building a Snowman! (a video by SunChipSwag)

    Hi guys, The snow fell in MN again, probably for the last time this season, so one of our TYers decided to do make something of it. If you like watching GoPro montages and similar (and/or video game footage), feel free to like and subscribe! -BIGtheRED, Confidence Crew
  3. BIGtheRED

    CONFIDENCE CREW! - A Channel for Gaming and Shenanigans

    (CAUTION: Explicit language in some videos.) _______________________ WHO WE ARE: Confidence Crew is a collaboration of five guys who love gaming, and acting like idiots! BIGtheRED Ebah SunchipSwag Nina ImBest ______________________ WHAT WE DO: We do a combination of game play footage, funny...
  4. DivideAndConquer

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone in Minnesota?

    hey guys my name is Trevor. my youtube channel is called Divide And Conquer! I am wondering if there are any YouTube meet ups hear in Minnesota.