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Hi there My beautiful people it's chocostream here well i'm know as christenor on this community héhé well i'm here to say i just hit my 300sub mark and can't believe that i was almost at 100, 2 months ago then lost over 60subs for no reasons what so ever, that time i wasn't the only one youtube was really taking off subs from everyone. But i didn't let that stop me i got working and put even more effort to my videos and post 2 every week since i'm working and have school at the same time xD. So to you who's at 30 or even 3 sub and think you'll never get more it's not true you will get more and will get to your goals, you never give up!!!!

As always i'm not the best and most definitely i'm not the worst Peace!

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Wow, that is truly an amazing achievement. Just wondering, how did you get so many subscribers so fast? It took me 1 year to get to 123 subscribers on my first channel.
congratulations man! i checked out your channel and your analytics look a little bit weird. i know you said you had 60 subs disappear. i would not be surprised if that happened again, some of those subs might be bots. just a fYI so your not disapointed if it happens again
Nah they weren't bots and that's the thing that p****d me off you can go on youtube there's a video about it youtube was literally taking off subs from youtubers regardless it it was bot or now or if u were big or not we were nanny who get affected by this, bots don't have pictures or videos on thire channels, but thx for the warm messages but to be honest with you i'm still on edge to see if this will happen again i mean no one know why that happens but i'm still glad that i'm growing and hopefully i can keep going forward. ^.^
Man too bad you lost 30 subs i would be p****d because i don't even have 30 and i know it must have been hard to get 30 and with all the hard work being gone to waste i would be to mad to think but congrats on 300 hopefully they don't take those either haha good luck in the future