300 subs

  1. ShawnMcCallum

    300 Subscribers! (A perfect bowling game)

    Hi everyone! I got some really great feedback and the nicest comments from my latest drone reel video and gained 50+ subscribers, I have now reached the 300 subs milestone. Pretty stoked to finally see some growth. Just wanted to share that! Cheers.
  2. I


    Hey! If anyone here thinks they’re super good at building I’m hosting a build a city event soon! Minecraft ps4 reply for discord and details
  3. B

    Gaming Black Ops 4 Funny Moments PC

    Hey I would like to create a epic group of friends to play black ops 4 and other games from time to time. requirements: decent mic discord(mine is Px Bakarainic#7619) funny 13 or above (im 14 btw)
  4. B

    Gaming funny gta v group PC

    U want to join something epic? Well if u do just add me on discord (Px Bakarainic#7619) also got some other games too Have a decent mic dont really care about age actually upload! so see ya!
  5. B

    Gaming A group of MATES playing video games (PC)

    I'm looking for pc gamers who love having fun and laughing with some mates and i have over 300 subs, so i sort of know what im doing and be able to play regularly . I/we Play PubG, Fortnite, TF2, Stick Fight, War Face, Cards Against Humanity, Town Of Salem, Plague Inc, Paladins & GTA V and the...
  6. A

    300 subscribers!

    I just hit 300 subscribers on my channel! I've been getting a ton of subs and views in the last couple of weeks. So my channel is growing :). And hopefully it will grow even faster soon.
  7. OrionTheFilmer

    I hit 300 subscribers!

    this week i hit 300 subscribers and im very grateful of that. great way to start off the new year right! im gonna do a 300 subscriber special soon don't worry!
  8. TaVRoS Evolve

    Gaming PC collab!

    im looking to collab with some people to add some spark to my channel aswell as yours! i currently have 330subs only things i want from you: Have a mic have a way to speak with me have over 50 subs. its that simple!! List of games i have: Minecraft. CSGO - Im trash so no comp. H1Z1 - got it...
  9. Portajerzey

    300 subs

    It might not be a lot, but for me each subscriber is a blessing. I finally made it too 300 subs. It just makes me want to continue doing what I love to do, thanks all for you're support.
  10. Justine

    300 Subscribers! (um wat lol)

    So I've been struggling the last few days with school work and recording a video since finals are next week for me, so I decided to take a break last night and just sit on youtube and watch videos...and then I got a text from my best friend with a picture of my channel. Yeah, apparently I hit...
  11. Cam Kirkham

    300 subs? 12,500 views? after 7 videos.

    Hi everyone, hope everyone has had a wicked day! Ive just returned to YouTube yesterday after many obstacles such as failed hard drive, broken camera and mic damage. I uploaded my 7 th video and my first one back yesterday and it has took me past 300 subs! and also 12,500 views! Id really...
  12. AMaazing

    300 subs... after 40 days?

    I can't actually believe I've reached this far. Almost a month ago, I started AMaazing Animations with full intention of growing it into something that can introduce me to new people. However, I never expected it to go this far, this quickly. Thank you. Thank you to everybody in YTTalk who've...
  13. Benny Hardaway 24

    300+ Subs !!

    Almost halfway to 400 but I can't wait until I get 1,000 !!
  14. Skulletgirl

    Newest VLOG is up :)

  15. Dachi

    300 Subs and 10k views! Wohoo!

    Hello amazing community of YTtalk! I started this channel 4 month ago. I'm putting a lot of effort in my videos and I will continue to do so. I decided to share it with you guys <3 Wish you the best!
  16. ChocoStream

    300sub in under 15days!!! wow!!

    Hi there My beautiful people it's chocostream here well i'm know as christenor on this community héhé well i'm here to say i just hit my 300sub mark and can't believe that i was almost at 100, 2 months ago then lost over 60subs for no reasons what so ever, that time i wasn't the only one youtube...
  17. Funny Zimon

    Gaming Looking for Youtube friend

    Dear *insert your name*, My name is Simon, a Youtuber with 300 subs. I'm looking for Youtubers who want to play one of those games: - tf2 - Minecraft - Rocket league And random online games. Requirements: 1. Somewhere around CET timezone (London, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Madrid etc) 2. Decent...
  18. Mr Kerbibble

    300 subscribers and 2 years daily vlogging! WOO!

    Yikes. O_O lol So, we have finally hit over the 300 subscriber mark and at the very same time hit 2 years of daily vlogs. If some of you on here are subscribed to us, thank you so much! We are looking forward to 2016 and hope to continue to put out more content, whether vlogs, gaming videos...
  19. darkstarmedia

    300 Subscribers?! THANK YOU FRIENDS.

    Well, technically 305, because apparently I'm having the coolest of days. When I created my channel in May 2015, I set myself a goal of 250 subscribers - which I hit about a month ago! To have hit over 300 just in time for the New Year is freakin' awesome and I'm honestly so grateful for...