life advice

  1. Senevids

    What is your biggest piece of advice for YouTube (or life)

    I feel the most valuable piece of advice I ever got was to just keep producing what you love. The only surefire thing to help you grow on Youtube, and in life, is to just keep putting yourself out there for the world to enjoy. But what's your biggest piece of advice that you have heard?
  2. ChocoStream

    300sub in under 15days!!! wow!!

    Hi there My beautiful people it's chocostream here well i'm know as christenor on this community héhé well i'm here to say i just hit my 300sub mark and can't believe that i was almost at 100, 2 months ago then lost over 60subs for no reasons what so ever, that time i wasn't the only one youtube...
  3. Zoë Fleur

    Beauty/Makeup Feature Each Others Channels?

    I mostly post lifestyle and humour videos so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. If you want to do a small feature of each other's channel, maybe on our end screens or something, feel free to email me at Requirements: Preferably have 500+ subscribers Videos of...
  4. Seebeard

    New Year Progress Feedback

    Howdy howdy everyone here at YTTalk, I've been running a variety show channel for a few months now with a few really funny friends of mine called "Hub 32". We do various things from podcasts to life advice to gaming and currently working on a lot of original collaboration ideas. With 2016 upon...