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  1. S

    My Channel just passed the 300 views Milestone with 2videos.

    My Channel just passed the 300 views Milestone with 2videos is that good enough?
  2. BrandyKoopa

    100 SUBS WOOO

    i know it is not a lot of subs but today I got the email from google. I’ve officially reached 100 subscribers on my channel!!! and also became eligible for my custom URL today! Hopefully I keep hitting these milestones
  3. khalidal

    Help him with the content of children and we work together and strategically to make a lot of money

    I want someone who specializes in the content of children to ask some questions about it in some channels that bring the views of Kharavih and I want to have experience in this area and pay money to promote videos on YouTube to bring many views
  4. sequan123

    Do tags really matter?

    so I was just uploading a video and I was really thinking does tags really help you rank high or make your videos appears on people recommended page.
  5. BrandyKoopa

    My Video Game OST Channel Here you will find the high quality video game music for your enjoyment (Smash Bros, Sonic, Pokemon, Gears of War, and just about anything else I feel like). No extensions, no remixes - just the pure music, the way it was meant to be...
  6. Kolbee Squire

    Comedy Comedy Collab

    If anyone is wanting to do a collab then hit me up. I may be a small YouTuber, but I got big plans:). I honestly dont care how many Subs or views you have, were all in this for the fun of it. We dont even have to meet-up. Just internet and some device you can make videos with and you'll be fine.
  7. ItsMeRich

    What do think of YouTube heros and how it will effect YouTube

    personally I think YouTube heros might be the end of YouTube or it will be a big misunderstanding but what do u think???
  8. Joe_brett15

    Gaming Collaborating??? Want to get to no YOUTUBERS!

    Im relatively new to youtube and im looking to collab with a few youtubers that have been around a lil longer than me and have had a lot more experience than me!! Comment below for any offers!

    Gaming looking for YouTubers on Xbox to work with!!!!

    Hi guys rob here from rcj-gaming ,i play games on Xbox one and PC but mostly Xbox im at 372 subs and looking for youtubes around the same as me to do sum videos with hook me up on facebook twitter and skype RCJ-GAMING many thanks rob
  10. Xanderin

    Xanderin's Gaming Channel

    Hey i'm almost at 50 subs and would like to know what you think of my channel i'm so happy with the progress i've made so far and can't wait to keep on growing
  11. AaliyahF

    50 subs

    After quite some time I finally reached 50 subs. I am really looming forward to reaching 100 subs so therefore I can start sharing my channel with ppl I know
  12. P K Saha

    I have 22 "Includes copyrighted content"!

    My channel has 97 videos. And not monetized. Even I don't want to monetize. But I received 22 "Includes copyrighted content". What next? I don't know. Is there any chance to get suspended or other feature? Please guys help me!
  13. sequan123

    300 view's

    Hey guys my goal is to get 300 views or more I am currently at 225
  14. sequan123

    How long should a description be?

    Hey guys I wanted to ask how long should your description be when making a video
  15. ChocoStream

    300sub in under 15days!!! wow!!

    Hi there My beautiful people it's chocostream here well i'm know as christenor on this community héhé well i'm here to say i just hit my 300sub mark and can't believe that i was almost at 100, 2 months ago then lost over 60subs for no reasons what so ever, that time i wasn't the only one youtube...
  16. Pierre Maynard

    OMG 5,000 views Thank you everyone!! :D

    So OMG thank you everyone for spending you're time to watch my videos!! :D I really appreciate it, I can't believe i have 5,000 views on my channel thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! :D :D Yeeeeeeeeeeay :D :D :D :D
  17. W

    Gaming HI My Name Is Will But My You Tube Channel Name Is DODODOX

    hi my name is will i am 18 years games. i love making videos and Uploading them on my channel for people to enjoy i am a gamer and im looking for people to collab with me around my size i have 177 subs is anyone interested in colabrating with me. the games i play are Star Wars...
  18. Crooked T

    Fisting For The Win | Black Ops 3

    Hey guys i hope you liked this video please let me know what you think and stay tuned for more :D
  19. Crooked T

    I Love This Bow | Call of Duty Black Ops 3

    Hey guys i hope you enjoyed this video please let me know what you think and stay tuned for more thanks :D
  20. Wowser Palooza

    Trailer To Our Upcoming Short Horror Film

    Haunted tells the tale of 4 young men on a night they'll never forget. Hope you guys enjoy it! Film comes out on Friday :)
  21. Dazb4t

    Completely mad insane on a whim idea.

    Hi guys what you all up to, got a bit of an idea that we could do now if people are not too busy thought about a live hangout like within the hour, we can get to know each other, cross promote and maybe pick up new views and subscribers??? Just a thought any takers???