What do think of YouTube heros and how it will effect YouTube

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personally I think YouTube heros might be the end of YouTube or it will be a big misunderstanding but what do u think???
I don't think it'll be the end of YouTube. In my opinion, it'll either go well or will be annoying for a bit before being replaced by something else.
There is already a general thread discussing it, I can't post links because I'm not a VIP, but you can find it in the "Youtube Chat" section
Every big YouTuber (if they end their channel) may probably be replaced by other new YOUTUBERS. So its not an end of YOUTUBE.
It's not the end of youtube but it's certainly another nail in the coffin. Many social media platforms are becoming way pro-censorship. I'm just saying.. if there's millions of disgruntled people.. and there's some rich guy or even a team of geniuses funded by some venture capitalists who come up with the next best platform and a good way to market it, suddenly there's going to be some REAL competition. I love YouTube, but if it keeps going in the censored direction.. if I had traffic and I knew there was another place to go (which there might be within the next few years), I might leave.
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