300 subscriber

  1. Dachi

    300 Subs and 10k views! Wohoo!

    Hello amazing community of YTtalk! I started this channel 4 month ago. I'm putting a lot of effort in my videos and I will continue to do so. I decided to share it with you guys <3 Wish you the best!
  2. SandManOnly

    Over 300 Subscribers, I want my leather play button!!

    I have reached over 300 subs,and because of that youtube must give me my leather play button its only fair to everyone. Pwediepie got hid diamond one where's my leather one huh ? Okey so seriously its amazing that 300 people subscribed to my face and want more of my videos, be sure to check out...
  3. ChocoStream

    300sub in under 15days!!! wow!!

    Hi there My beautiful people it's chocostream here well i'm know as christenor on this community héhé well i'm here to say i just hit my 300sub mark and can't believe that i was almost at 100, 2 months ago then lost over 60subs for no reasons what so ever, that time i wasn't the only one youtube...
  4. Mr Kerbibble

    300 subscribers and 2 years daily vlogging! WOO!

    Yikes. O_O lol So, we have finally hit over the 300 subscriber mark and at the very same time hit 2 years of daily vlogs. If some of you on here are subscribed to us, thank you so much! We are looking forward to 2016 and hope to continue to put out more content, whether vlogs, gaming videos...