1. J

    Uploading in a half hour interval.

    Hello, everyone this is my first post on the forum so sorry if I mess things up with formatting and stuff. I started exporting a video out of my editing software ready to upload to YouTube, however, the video took longer than expected to export meaning that I will no longer be able to upload it...
  2. Y

    Gaming Youtube gaming collab

    Hello everybody, my name is FuryPire, and I'm currently bored out of my mind from the damn quarantine, so I decided to start, once more, posting videos on my channel. That said, I still need people to play and record with, since the more the merrier... or something like that? Requirements: Must...
  3. C

    Can I get feedback on my channel?

    Hey all! I am Lewis and I have been making travel-related videos for quite some time. I really enjoy making content, editing and YouTube has actually helped me find a hidden passion in filming - which I decided to take further by studying it at Uni! My channel is here However, even though I...
  4. BestNerdLife

    My biggest regret as a YouTuber [ONE YEAR SPECIAL]

    That's it! One whole year of making YouTube videos! Some late nights, some steep learning curves, and plenty of fun. In this ONE YEAR anniversary video of my first video as a YouTuber, I talk about my biggest regret about my time making YouTube videos. Here's to another year!
  5. ExtoicGamer

    Gaming Looking for a Group of Friends to Record some Minecraft Minigames ( Cops and Robbers ) and etc

    Hey i'm 17 and My channel is IKillZombie It's been years since i been on here but I'm looking for a fungroup to make random content and is will to help and grow our channels! I Made alot of Zombie's Content and Decided to upload more Requirements: Clear, Good mic Be yourself Have Discord 15+...
  6. M

    Video making technique

    Hello! Guys I have seen many guys making videos called explanatory videos that are made using stock images and videos and animations. But what I wish to ask is that how do they do that? I mean do they manually arrange all the Stock things according to voice or they first arrange them...
  7. TheOggybearYT

    Gaming Minecraft Youtube Community

    Hi Guys, I have set up a discord server to create a Minecraft community of Youtubers where you can Collab and speak to people who are Minecraft youtubers just like you! I mainly set this up as I find it a bit hard to meet other channels who do the same videos that i do and thought this would...
  8. TheSoi2

    Give feedback on my channel?

    Checkout my channel? I'd like some feedback on how it looks and anything that I can fix. Channel down below. Channel
  9. M

    What are Instagram and Youtube accounts with videos that are poorly edited, but have a large following and high engagement rate

    Hi guys, Could you guys help me out with a suggestion and point out to me the Youtube and Instagram accounts with a large following, which have poorly edited videos?
  10. TheOggybearYT

    Channel Review

    HI Guys, I was wondering if you'd be able to give me feedback on what you think i could Improve on for my channel. I recently updated my channel art and was wondering if the channel look decent on first visit to a subscriber and it it's appealing to new comers as it's important to have a...
  11. Pinnaclegaming132

    Trapped In Ice | Minecraft Glacial Awakening Part 1

    Hi, feel free to watch, like, comment and subscribe and any feedback is appreciated
  12. oti4500

    Can I live streaming with H265/HEVC encoding?

    Hello. Has anyone tried to livestreaming with HEVC encoding to YT (or any platform)? If yes and possible, what tool (e.g software or hardware) to use? Because in the OBS is just H.264/AVC encoding available, and I started to wonder why?
  13. J

    sign up for google adsense stuck at "in progress"

    i was about to create a google adsense account for my channel. ive passed everything including the 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours. When i click on the monetization tab on the left panel it brings out this 3 steps. ive completed the first step which is the review partner program terms and it...
  14. L

    How does he get this sound on Youtube?

    This is one of the best quality acoustic videos I have seen on youtube from Eddie Van Der Meer. Yes, I realize this is a studio track and not live, but what I am curious about is how this tone, sustain and unaltered, smooth reverb can sneak through Youtube's crazy ridiculous compression of...
  15. Z

    Is there no longer be HD again for 720p?

    Hi everyone, I got an issue. Usually after I using Youtube requirements upload, as 720p, there would be a 720p*HD sign. Like this, But then no matter I watch 720p video, or I upload 720p video, the button become this (no HD again for 720p) Anyone know what happen? Thanks a lot!!
  16. ExpiredYT

    Need Collaboration buddy!

    Looking for a collab partner on xbox to do a gaming video with. Must be 16 or older
  17. Grifn4ge

    Gaming Gaming Collab Group | 18+ | Consistency

    Hi! I am looking for a group to collab with, or a few people to consistently game/record with. Sub count doesn't matter, I have just over 100 right now XD Requirements: Over 18 Pc aside from cross-platform games Decent mic Games I have (and record) R6 Siege Uno CS:GO GTA Gmod CoD Custom...
  18. DrVintage

    Gaming YT PC Gaming Collaboration

    Hey guys, I am currently looking for a group of people to record videos with for my youtube channel. My goal for this group is not only to make funny videos and chill, but to also enjoy the games we choose to play. Speaking of games, the games I have are Cod Bo3, Cod Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six...
  19. Jack Ryan

    How to get community and store tab on youtube channel?

    I want to know how we get the community tab on a youtube channel. Give your valuable suggestion.
  20. D

    Need help / Youtube Descriptions, Tags & Metadata

    So I did the worst thing I could've done for my channel. That is changing the video descriptions from all of my videos. That got me from even 3k views per hour to now under 100 views per hour; and from 100 subs per day to not even 5 a day. ADVICE: DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. So my...
  21. P

    Need help with monetizing

    Hi, me and my girlfriend have almost 2500 subscribers yet only 85 watch hours. Our goal is to be monetized but we are struggling to get viewers. Any suggestions to increase watch time fast
  22. F

    I need help to monetize my Channel

    Hey guys need help to monetize my channel, i tried its third time they rejected it due to reuse content, can some one help me to monetize,
  23. W

    How do I promote my channel more effectively?

    Hello I am a small youtuber who does flipping videos for fun and id like to reach out to more and more people to share what I love to do so im kind of wondering what are the best ways of promoting my channel.?
  24. Everyn

    Other Looking a partner, and manage it

    Hello, i have a YouTube channel. The channel only has 2.77K Subscribers. The channel also, already monetize enable, earn so far (0.75$) I'm not too active uploading a new content. Will anyone here help to manage it? And also, we can share the revenue together, let me know if anyone here are...
  25. HiNamesDev

    Interacting on Youtube

    Hi, My question is if you wanted to interact on other YouTube channels (not your own), like commenting on videos, talking in the community, liking, etc. Would it be ok to do those things from your Channel account? Or should you do those interactions more on a personal account? I kind of...