1. JP23BDP

    Mr.Beast Most Recent Videos

    Mr.Beast Most Recent Videos Watch These Videos Free No Subscription!! Who is your favourite youtube star? Mr.Beast Vid #1 Mr.Beast Vid #2 Mr.Beast Vid #3
  2. Local

    Best Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Par Please check it out Very informative

    Best Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Par Please check it out Very informative
  3. P

    Best Free Ways to get Subscribers Faster

    **Here are the best ways to get subscribers on YouTube:** 1. Delete any old, low-quality videos from your channel 2. Write a great script, use the right equipment, and keep your videos short for maximum engagement 3. Create a super-engaging channel trailer 4. Edit videos to 5 minutes or...
  4. L

    Vlog New to the community ? new vloggers

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all well. My wife and two year old son have just started a new vlogging YouTube channel about our life here in sunny Portugal. Previously we lived in England and wanted to get the rat race and spend time together more together as a family. We recently bought a...
  5. M

    VR Using YouTube Experience ?

    Anyone Share Experiences with Me.. How does experience watching VR with YouTube Videos
  6. K

    Gaming Nevermind

  7. J


    Hey Guys I have a youtube channel about computer softwares, my fans told me to make a video about "how to download tiktok videos". My question is : Is legally to make a video about how to download tiktok videos ??? I feel that youtube will give ma a strike Thank u
  8. V

    How does channel memberships affect your channel?

    You all know about channel memberships that you have to pay monthly (Join). But what it does except for money? Like, will my videos be more likely to appear on the homepage? Or does it rank higher in search results? You know what i mean
  9. P

    Gaming Mario kart 8 deluxe interesting race

    My mario kart video, like ,share ,subscribe, tnx
  10. FireOnyx

    Help needed on uploading TV show to YouTube

    Hi friends! While searching internet for any clue I stumbled upon this forum and looked like this forum is what I was looking for. Now, straight to the point. I recorded a very popular music show on the TV and then decided to upload to my newly created YouTube channel. I intended to upload the...
  11. Qdimm

    Youtube delete live chat message

    Hi, When you delete a live chat message in the chat of a Youtube stream, after the stream is over. (on Google's "my activity" page) Will the stream host/channel owner or moderator get notified ? I have searched for this for ages but I can't seem to find an answer. hope someone can help me...
  12. L

    Relaxing jazz music

    Hi could y'all please check out my live at
  13. fiiv5

    Is YouTube Getting Greedy?

    YouTube used to take 30% of the ad revenue and they used to be more transparent about a creators earnings eg. you used to see how much you've made including their(YouTube's) cut. Now They are taking 45% and they are putting ads on non monetized channels videos and keeping 100% of the revenue...
  14. S

    Ways to research video idea before making a video

    Hey folks, I'm struggling with this question for a while, how do you approach research for video idea to make sure it's unique (considering the fact there's billions of videos on the internet plus they can be in different languages and on different platforms like youtube, facebook, tiktok...
  15. Roldoy

    Request Just uploaded a new video ! Check it out for the awesome intro ..........

  16. Roldoy

    I'm here to gossip and promote my channel

    Write anything you want in the comments !
  17. P

    YouTube will be blocked in Russia?! Opinion of Russian students

    Due to recent events, there is a very high probability of YouTube being blocked in Russia. Government representatives are calling for all content from YouTube to be moved to Russian social networks immediately, since YouTube has, in their words, "signed its own verdict". In this video, we ask...
  18. rahatshikder

    Video promoter : View 4 View

    Video Promoter : View 4 View Download Apk Video Promoter is a video watching app that helps you get more views on your videos. It helps to boost video in your own network or other network. It is user friendly app that lets you watch others videos and they help you by watching yours. You can...
  19. K

    YouTube Authority

    "Discover How to Build Your YouTube Authority with this Comprehensive Guide on Starting and Growing a Successful YouTube Channel." Finally! A Comprehensive Guide on How to Start and Grow a Successful YouTube Channel for your Business or Brand. Get Access Now
  20. Chezza

    Competent game dev

    Hi, Any feedback on my latest vid welcome! Mostly wondering if it plays well and is a good watch.
  21. C


    Meri Jaan Meri Jaan Song: Bachchhan Paandey | Akshay Kriti B Praak Jaani |Sajid N Farhad S Bhushan K CLICK THIS LINK:
  22. B

    How to start Youtube Channel

    If you wanna learn how to start your channel, watch this video:
  23. N

    Starting Youtube Channel - Guide by Aspiring Youtuber

    Please check this below link, he is Ali Abdaal a Golden Button acquirer. Explains about how he succeeded as Youtuber.
  24. N

    Guide for starting Youtube Channel for Beginners

    This is the best and most inspiring guide for starting Youtube Channel for Beginners. Check this link below. Youtube Channel
  25. M

    youtube channel & tubebuddy
  26. D

    A program for cheating YouTube viewers on the stream.

    The program will help you bring a large number of people to your stream! The program is currently free, just launch and specify a link to your stream and click get and within 5 minutes people will already come to your stream! Active ( Live ) users Download the program Password for the archive...
  27. Adelynn

    ◩ Please Help! ◪ If i create channel like this, it has a future or not?

    I dont have any camera or no talent at all. Just an ordinary person. So, i dunno know how to create video. And now, i just create 2 videos which no need skill at all. - I dont have camera - I dont have skill on useful things - i cant talk in front of camera because i am can't talk and maybe my...
  28. N

    Some coaching for those that's interested

    Hi there! For those of you that needs help with marketing and ways to profit off of your youtube contents,I hope that this will be of some help! I would love to share this with you guys - Feel free to click on this link if you're interested ^-^ - This is a guide for those...
  29. N

    For you who would like some help with Youtube

    Hi there! For those of you that needs help with the more economical side of your youtube career i hope that i could be of some help! I would love to share this with you guys - Feel free to click on this link if you're interested ^-^- This is a guide for those that need or...