◩ Please Help! ◪ If i create channel like this, it has a future or not?


I dont have any camera or no talent at all. Just an ordinary person. So, i dunno know how to create video. And now, i just create 2 videos which no need skill at all.

- I dont have camera
- I dont have skill on useful things
- i cant talk in front of camera because i am can't talk and maybe my face just so weird.
- I dont have any clue at all

So, i just download music and add nothing in my video. Is my channel has future? At least i can earn money from it?

Here 2 videos which i have uploaded

Playlist : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLanvCOvBS4xdPj_er0UGo5UC3EJ0NZo1v

I am confused and stressed. Please, expert need your advice.

Thank you so much.
Well since one has already been removed for violating YouTube's terms of service that should tell you something.

If you are using other people's copyright music then you are either going to have your account closed but at the very least you will not earn any money from it.