1. Inspired Content

    How can we make this work?

    On January 1st, I departing a friends new years party and heading to Portland Maine, then Portsmouth New Hampshire, then Worcester Mass, Pawtucket Rhode Island, New London Connecticut... etc. all the way to Florida, and then from Florida to California. I'll spend a bit of time in California...
  2. Ocean Chan

    What happens when an egg is cracked underwater at 12m

    Hi everyone, I run a recreational freediving showcasing different dive sites in Sydney and also the different marine life there. In my latest video, which I posted last week, I thought I might recreate an experiment with an egg, cracking it under at 12m, to show the effects of water...
  3. Adventure Campitelli

    40 Subs

    Well I hit 40 Subs last night. Feels good. been getting about a sub a day for the last two weeks. Its cool when the peopel subscribing to your channel you don't know. Not like the first few you get who are your friends and family. I have 18 travel videos now so I'm starting to get a lot more...
  4. Adventure Campitelli

    Color in my Video

    I'm trying to get better at adjusting the colors in my travel videos. Tell me what you think of the color in my latest video. Does it have too much green? Should I of left it alone?
  5. Adventure Campitelli

    Audience Retention Test

    I'm curious to see how long you watch my video. Tell me at what point you stop watching and why. Please be honest but don't be mean, unless you really have to. ;) I'm just curious if you get board, don't like the music, etc
  6. The Challenge Lads


    The Challenge Lads are back to discuss Dennis' six week trip.. and because he promised, he must do the Wasabi Challenge!
  7. G

    Help! I need a Vlogging Camera!

    Hey everyone! I’m looking to get my first camera for general YouTube vlogging, to travel videos. My budget is £300, can someone recommend me a good quality camera? I’m looking for a camera that offers a flip screen, image stabilisation, auto focus, and allows me to attach external microphones...
  8. Adventure Campitelli

    My news video

    Check out my latest adventure video. We go on a Wine tour, check out a farm, and hang out at a cool lake. Let me know what you think, I'm always trying to improve.
  9. Adventure Campitelli

    Family Adventures/Travels

    I started a family adventure/travel channel back in April. My first video wasn't very good in my opinion but it was fun to make. It is 17 mins long and I made it entirely on my iphone, even using imovie to create it. I have since moved on and got a gopro, drone, and still use my iphone for...
  10. Adventure Campitelli

    Adventures and Travels

    I've had my channel up since April and really enjoy making our family adventure/travel videos. The kids really enjoy it and they start vlogging as well. Its very cute! I hope to inspire other familes to have their own adventures. Let me know what you think of it and what might I change going...
  11. Adventure Campitelli

    Family Adventures/Travels

    I've had my channel up since April and really enjoy making our family adventure/travel videos. The kids really enjoy it and they start vlogging as well. Its very cute! I hope to inspire other familes to have their own adventures. Let me know what you think of it and what might I change going...
  12. Olivia's Catastrophe

    Vlog Looking for Collaborations with: vloggers, booktubers or yogis!

    Hi! I'm Olivia from Olivia's Catastrophe. I have about 620 subscribers and am looking to do collab videos with other youtubers. I am located in the United Kingdom, Warwickshire, and am willing to travel a bit out of the area to collaborate. I am mostly free on weekends. I am looking to...
  13. A

    Other Looking for a travel video YouTuber who wants to collab! (Oregon, Washington, PNW)

    Hey! I am looking for a travel video YouTuber like myself to collaborate with. I am from Oregon but can work with people in the Pacific Northwest. Check out my channel and leave a comment on one of my travel videos or reply to this!
  14. Pedro Nascimento

    What category should I place my YouTube Videos?

    Hey to you all, I am a travel vlogger and just recently I started thinking about the categories I'm putting my video on and just realized that I don't know which one is the right one. Should I use TRAVEL & EVENTS or POPLE & BLOGS?
  15. India And Ramzan

    Vlog Collaboration with India And Ramzan

    Hi Guys We would love to collaborate with different youtubers,and create a great context together. Please check us out on our YouTube channel: India And Ramzan Email us and with your ideas at:
  16. tonyphan

    Just hit 50 subs today!

    Just hit 50 subs today, I did sub4sub for the first 7 subs when I was still new to Youtube but stopped immediately when reading on the forum that it was wrong. But all of those are travel channels like me so at least the audience is right. The rest is natural growth. Working full-time job and...
  17. Pedro Nascimento

    Feedback On Balance Between Talking and Scenery! Be Brutal!

    My two latest creations I think are my best videos so far! The feedback I am looking for is on my latest one. I would like to know what do you think about the length of the video and the blend between each scenery, meaning, are the shoots where I talk and when I show landscape well balanced? I...
  18. Pedro Nascimento

    Vlog I Travel The World! Where Are You From?

    Hey to you all! I am a vlogger and I travel the world making vlogs! Tell me where are you from and if you want to collaborate on something that would be nice for both channels. I live in Dubai so it's easy for me to go almost anywhere. See you soon
  19. Dismal Bliss

    Toronto - Ripley's Aquarium & The Top of the CN Tower Skyscraper

    Join the BDRC at
  20. Dismal Bliss

    Facing a Fear of Heights - 1500 feet up with only ONE WAY down :O

  21. Dismal Bliss

    Grizzly Bear Plays Ball and it's SO CUTE!

  22. MeezyJenner

    Vlog Collabs?

    Hey guys, So I've been gone finishing up school and since its summer I wanted to get back into Youtube, I was wondering if anyone wants to collaborate, I don't have any material yet but we can discuss some ideas. Shoot me an email if your interested.
  23. Conight

    Vlog Anybody going to Japan?

    I currently live in Japan, I have for the past year and I would like to make some physical collaborational content just like I did back home in England. I can also speak Japanese, if that helps with some kind of collaborational idea you may create ^^
  24. Heather White

    Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Meals

    I'm kicking off my first series on my channel all about how to stay healthy while you are out of town. My first episode is what I typically eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks. If you don't have a stove in your room, you can also use a hot plate & pans. If you enjoy, don't forget to share...
  25. Pedro Nascimento

    Vlog I'm going to Auckland, anyone from there for a collab?

    Hey there guys! My name is Pedro and I have a travelling channel on YouTube. 9th and 10th I'm gonna be in Auckland shooting some videos around the city. If anyone is from there and wants to do a collaboration I would be happy to do it. Have safe travels to you all :D
  26. The Travelling Book

    Looking for YouTubers to take part in our Travelling Book Project

    Hi all, So this is at it's heart just a bit of fun, but it will be interesting to see where the idea goes and will hopefully produce some interesting content along the way. We have recently created 'The Travelling Book' project and are looking for YouTubers who would like to get involved by...
  27. Mister20seven

    Feedback for my Maldives video

    Hi everyone, I made a video of my last trip to the Maldives, swimming with sharks and other animals, walking around, ... I just took my Gopro and started filming, so I didn't have a concept or strategy. What you think of the different angles filmed? Did I vary enough or does it get boring...