1. Surrendead

    Vlogs: Turn me into Casey Niestat haha

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to check out my video/thread, I'm new to the whole vlogging scene but I would love to hear any and all feedback/thoughts on my vlogging style and if its enjoyable/entertaining or not! Also if any, tell me what parts stuck out/you enjoyed the most!
  2. JRuncie

    Moving Across Canada (province by province)

    Hey all, the move has begun. Here is our first day of travel. This will likely be a series of 9-11 videos.
  3. TreesandTravels


    I'm a frugal traveler... I thought I'd try to hint people in on some of the things I keep in mind while traveling and planning in order to keep the cost low. I kind of dig my blog post on the same topic a bit better though...
  4. summernichole


    I would love to meet up and collab with people close to me. I live in Tampa Florida,if you are not in florida where are you because i also travel. I would love to keep in contact so leave some form of contact information below if you'd like
  5. HereBeBarr

    San Luis Potosi- The Real Mexico

    Come with us to see a side of Mexico most tourists pass:
  6. HereBeBarr

    Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico.

    My first Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico, what a blast.
  7. KevinS14

    Exploring the wilderness in Germany!

    Hey guys - I'm back! I just had a huge lull on Youtube because I've had family and friends from Canada come visit me here in Barcelona for over 6 weeks! After being so insanely busy it's nice to have reclaimed my office and finally have some time for my regular hobbies again. :) To celebrate...
  8. JRuncie

    Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

    One month until our cross country trek begins. If you are interested in seeing Canada from the East to West coast, jump in and follow along.
  9. TreesandTravels

    Travel/Nature/Adventure Channel

    Hey guys, this is my first time posting in the videos forum! Anyway, my channel is a little bit of a mixture between a travel/nature vlog and informational stuff. I'm still pretty new to YouTube, starting (officially) only about 3 months ago. I have a corresponding blog as well. Here's the...
  10. HereBeBarr

    Roosevelt Island- An Escape in NYC

    I vlog about one of my favorite places in NYC to just flat out relax:
  11. HereBeBarr

    What to do when an airline screws you over

    Check out how I got my money back from Vueling Airlines, a nifty trick when all else fails:
  12. HereBeBarr

    College Football Vlog (Tailgating and Stadium Experience)

    Hey guys, I attended the historic 78-0 loss that Michigan handed Rutgers on Saturday. Even though my school got creamed, I still had an amazing time and hope you guys enjoy the vlog:
  13. ShawnMcCallum

    Flying Over a glacier Lagoon and it's seals in Iceland

    This the final video in my Iceland Vlog Series. I hope you guys can check it out and enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks! Shawn
  14. Ninja


    Leave a 'LIKE', all the cool kids are doing it! You're cool right?
  15. Blakeusness

    Sydney Eats! New Travel+Foodie channel! Hope you guys enjoy! :)

    Hay guys! Would love for u to give me some feedback on my latest video! Thank you! :)
  16. HereBeBarr

    The REAL Little Italy

    My vlog from an amazing Italian Festival in the Bronx, NY:
  17. TheBeardedJ

    Meet Up/Gathering Need a team.

    I want to build a team of YouTubers that are around the UK, easy to meet and are willing to make regular videos from football challenges to gaming videos in any sort of games. Small to large YouTubers are all welcome. We can have a talk over Skype or meet up and build a beautiful friendship that...
  18. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Hawaii Adventures!!

  19. HereBeBarr

    Rosarito Beach, Mexico- Lively Baja

    Check out this vlog if you're into travel/nightlife:
  20. wontonadventures

    Suggestions for new youtuber- wontonadventures?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the youtube scene! I enjoy travelling and I wish to share my adventures with everyone! I occasionally do magic tricks as a hobby too! Please peruse through my channel (it only has 1 video so far) and offer suggestions and recommendations on how I can improve. Thank you...
  21. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Abs in 5 Minutes :D

  22. ShinSlvrstv

    Your attention and critisism would really help!

    I always try myself in different things and I don't feel like it's the hobby I want to have. I tried dancing, drawing, singing, but I was always afraid to try out Youtube. Anyway, this time I am trying YouTube, let's see how it ends. The video quality is pretty bad, since I was filming on my...
  23. TreesandTravels

    Other Travel/Nature Channel looking to collab

    Hey, I've got a pretty new channel about traveling, hiking, etc. but i'm working steadily to up my subs and also put out new videos. I'd love to collaborate with people. Even if it's just by giving each other's channels a shoutout on a video or something.
  24. HereBeBarr

    Escape from New York Travel Vlog- Rockaway Beach

    I use the Canon G7X Mark II 80%.
  25. Kieran Hedley Fitness