Suggestions for new youtuber- wontonadventures?

Hi everyone! I'm new to the youtube scene! I enjoy travelling and I wish to share my adventures with everyone! I occasionally do magic tricks as a hobby too! Please peruse through my channel (it only has 1 video so far) and offer suggestions and recommendations on how I can improve. Thank you very much!
I enjoyed your video, good shots and nice editing. :) The music feels it is a bit too loud, or at least, it seems to peak/sounds a bit low quality through my headphones.

I admit I would have liked to hear the story behind the different scenes you are showing us, but if it is a sneakpeek i assume that's coming next.

The two key things I think you are missing though are:
1) an avatar (your banner is really nice :) but your avatar is just as important!)
2) channel layout -even though you just have one video, click on the gear button to customise your channel layout and start planning play lists, content to write in descriptions and about section. It will help with search adn will make your channel look more appealing when people land on it. :)
@ScienceIsFun: Thank you for the feedback! The audio in my computer is actually quite soft when you play the music? Maybe it's time I need a replacement! Nonetheless, I'll try and lower the audio for future projects. Also, thank you for the suggestions, I will definitely take your advice to heart and implement them!