1. R

    Best sub4sub strategy

    I want to know what's the best way to do sub4sub. Hey, Riyaz here. I'm using android app since last week. It's working and my subs are growing . I want to know is this methods are safe to use? And what Is the best way to doing sub 4 sub like : 1st way is direct open Channel...
  2. O

    I just hit 100 subs today can people plz help me reach my goal of 300

    Here’s a link to my channel plz help me hit my goal of 300 can return
  3. Dutchie Abroad

    Why Sub for Sub hurts your channel

    Everyone has been there. You look at your subscriber amount and it just won't budge. But you really want to reach that 100, 500, 1000 subscriber count! And then the notification comes in. "Hey cool channel, I'll sub to you if you sub me back." And you think "Cool. Another sub, just what I...
  4. FrenchiseGaming

    This New STINK BOMB made me Uninstall Fortnite.. [MEME]

    After hours of trying, I got angry and alot of funny moments. So here you go I put alot of work into so a like and a sub would be great if you enjoyed the content. Thank you all again!! Feel free to comment, we could play sometime or whatever.
  5. DougieBoy

    This is why Sub-4-Sub Doesn't Work

    Most people think that if you have a high Subscriber count, then the views and watch time will follow. WRONG! This is what really happens when people sub-4-sub. If people do sub-4-sub, they rarely (if ever) will watch a video of the person they subscribed to. So to YouTube, the subscriber is...
  6. Vikkiv2

    Is subs4subs worth it

    Hi friends it's just a quick question I wanted to ask you about the youtube subs4subs topic. These days they are so many website offerings these services. I just want to know is that worth it.
  7. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Sub4Sub? How This Can HURT Your YouTube Channel

    Sub 4 Sub? Should I Sub4Sub? Getting YouTube Subscribers can be hard when starting out and people always ask How To Get YouTube Subscribers. But begging for subs, buying subscribers and trading subscribers in Sub for Sub could be hurting your channel and may even get your YouTube Channel banned...
  8. BrinoVlogs

    Meet Up/Gathering Canada, Ontario, Toronto??? COLLAB HELP

    Hi, I'm a vlogger located in Canada Toronto, I've been trying to look for collabs for a while now, I'm up for anything like challenges, gaming, or even just a chill day. seriously
  9. BrinoVlogs

    What Kind of segments interest you?

    Hey, I'm a vlogger and I often do segments once in awhile, but as of this summer I will be daily vlogging and pushing my channel to its limits. So I want to ask you guys what kind of segments would interest you to watch? such as lunch segments, deep talks, sports, chill time etc???
  10. BrinoVlogs

    How to Format a travel vlog?

    I'm heading down to the Wisconsin for a couple days, I'm not sure how to vlog the trip... any ideas of what I can vlog about/ talk about/ formatting of the video
  11. BrinoVlogs


  12. Bgirl Sonia

    Spam comments and Sub4Sub

    Hello everybody ! I have a random question (as usual lol) I own two channels as I already said before. One in my native language (French) and one in English. I noticed that when I post my French video, I have likes and comments every now and then but when it comes to my English one (even...
  13. Qball

    You Won't Believe This. No Way

    ➕Subscribe: Positively Entertaining!
  14. Qball

    I Just Want 100 Subscribers!

    I just want 100 subscribers, because I know that each new subscriber means alot to me, even if I receive a few at a time. You can view how many subscribers I currently have, in my tag. Thank you so much for the support and love as this helps me stay committed and motivated.
  15. Qball

    (Hilarious!!) What Really Happens on Valentine Day? Find Out

    This video is hilarious!! Don't forget to subscribe and like!!
  16. Qball

    Facebook Upcoming Independent Game - Facebook Page (Lets Support!!)

    My company is currently developing an independent game called "Rize of the Summonds." View the page and make sure to like and follow, and support our journey to success!
  17. Qball

    #CreateCourage - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story REACTION!!

    Hi everyone, I have a great reaction video for you. Don't forget to like and subscribe.
  18. Qball


    Make sure to hit that subscribe button as well to help me reach my goal. Thank you, and looking forward to producing more content on a weekly basis. Enjoy!
  19. Qball


    Make sure to help me reach my goal by hitting that subscribe button. Looking forward to releasing more content on a weekly basis. Enjoy!!
  20. Qball


    Support me by viewing my livestream and subscribing to my channel. THanks!!
  21. Lekjih

    Sub4sub groups on Facebook

    So, joined some groups on facebook, hoping they'd actually help me in terms of getting better and natural growth. Nope. Sub4sub4days. Halp. Anyone else had this problem?
  22. XTRMlvl

    balance YouTube with work/school?

    Hello I'm curious to think how some of you can balance school/work or even BOTH on youtube. This is why most of us stop we don't have "time", I'm trying to balance college with work and also youtube but its like juggling balls eventually one of the other is going to fall. How do you balance YouTube?
  23. XTRMlvl

    What do you think YouTube be in 2017?

    Will be another 2016 all over again with DRAMA 24/7 or do you think maybe this year, YouTube will become a non toxic place? Let me hear your thoughts I'm very curious.
  24. Baylze

    SUB4SUB!? LIKE4LIKE!? | Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay

    Hello everyone, my name is Bailey, better known as Baylze! If you enjoyed the video, then a like & comment would be much appreciated! If you REALLY liked the video - then subscribe to the channel for more awesome Gaming content! :D ▼▼▼▼▼ SOCIAL STUFF! ▼▼▼▼▼ Facebook | Afraid not. Instagram |...
  25. DuncanT

    Thoughts on people who do sub4sub?

    Haha, that clickbait was pretty cool! Just a disclaimer, I'M NOT DOING SUB 4 SUB OR WHATEVER, 100% OF MY SUBSCRIBERS ARE LEGIT AND PEOPLE THAT WATCH --- Hey guys! So I was wondering since there is still so much sub4sub going on, have you guys ever done it or are you doing it? I just want to...
  26. Slightly Desi

    Is sub for sub good?

    I want to know if sub for subs are great or not because I'm trying to grow my channel but I'm getting absolutely no subscribers whatsoever.. even though I have three videos up already :/
  27. Pink Mint

    Lets talk thumbnails baby....

    hey guys what do you think of my thumbnails....honest opinions and give me feedback thank you also i used photoshop to make them :D my channel- pinkmint
  28. Anjim

    Both of my channels losing subs in a minute

    As you all know that I run two channel anjim plays ( upload ever Wednesday) and anjim 2.0 (upload ever Mondays). When I upload a 2-5 videos someone unsub because I did sub4sub ( I don't know about it until later on). I know people say : I don't worry about subs but you will need them to grow...
  29. LeatherArmchairSociety

    Need tips on how to grow a brand new channel!

    Hey everyone! We are The Leather Armchair Society and we just started a new channel about a week ago. We have nearly 30 subscribers that are 100% made up of friends and family, we are now ready to break through that and start building an audience outside of that. What are some things that you...
  30. LandofDucks

    Gaming 2nd Channel Review's Episode is up! Who wants to be next?

    Hey guys, So my 2nd Channel Review's video is up! We have Already made 6 people's channels so much better! If you want to have your channel reviewed and told what you can do better to improve your subscribers growth, make your channel more appealing, make your current subscribers more active...