1. H


    Hi I am new to YouTube and I want to post videos around 30 minutes long. In the videos I would like to insert full length musical video clips, and discuss between them. For example, I could insert a full length Metallica video clips and have a discussion after it played. I don't want to have...
  2. R

    Music video help

    I'm planning to upload my music videos in my YT channel but I'm worried about copyright strikes. My music videos contains clips from copyrighted movies, TV shows, and video games set to copyrighted music. Need help. Any suggestions?
  3. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Appeal Community Guideline Strikes On YouTube - Remove Community Strikes

    How To Appeal Community Guideline Strike On YouTube 2018 // Remove Community Guideline Strikes or appeal community strikes on your YouTube Channel. You may have been incorrectly flagged for a community strike and had some feature removed. You will need to file a Community Strike Appeal to have...
  4. B

    Does YouTube stay impartial?

    I heard of cases where either big networks or other big entities offer cooperation with, or investment in YT channels under the terms which the owners of those channels don't agree with and are than getting manipulated and attacked on multiple fronts by those big entities with things like...
  5. R

    how does youtube know?

    if you get your channel shut down due to 3 strikes, and then make a new account afterwords. How does youtube know its your account, and keep shutting it down? is it the ip address? the laptop? Also, the yt account is not connected to and adsense yet. i know youre not supposed to make one etc...
  6. Theresa Khalil

    YouTube removed my video!!!

    I posted a normal video about how to organize your bag for traveling to my channel " Fokaira", before even the video make any views I received an email from YouTube telling me that the video was removed because someone reported that it was violating the YouTube community guide and that they...
  7. Paola Varela

    How to handle copyright claims in cover songs?

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. I want to start doing cover songs for a while before uploading my own music. How can I proceed with this? Can I use a song with my voice on it or is this going to get me a strike? What about playing a song in an instrument? If you have any...
  8. hassan918

    Help / Advice Required

    I have a channel with more than 400 videos but now it has 2 strikes. Now what should I do. Here are the options. 1. Delete all videos 2. Set all videos private I understand that option 1 is the wise and safe option but If I delete all these videos, will I get payment for these videos in my...
  9. NoorMurad

    Banned for doing a giveaway?

    Over a year ago, back when I had my old channel, I decided to do a giveaway for what I can remember was a Minecraft account. A few days after I uploaded the giveaway video, the video got deleted and I received a community guidelines strike. I was really confused as youtubers do giveaways all the...
  10. MajesticBox

    Destiny The Dawning -Will of Crota Strike Gameplay (Again)

    Destiny The Dawning - Will of Crota Strike Gameplay (Again) In Destiny The Dawning Omnigul comes back to live in a remastered strike. However in the Will of Crota strike new thing are different even the camping spots.
  11. Maarij Bashir

    Can I upload two of the same videos in 2 different channels?

    A collaborator and I are working on a song and we want to upload that video on both of our channels. Is there a way to upload that videos without getting any problems?
  12. T

    Are these copyright strikes fake?

    I'll try to keep this short. I take youtube very seriously, and I take their copyright laws very seriously as well. I ALWAYS delete videos that get matched copyright ID. I like to go to Video Manager > Copyright Notices just to make sure there isn't anything there. I checked it yesterday and saw...
  13. sweetlikez

    Video was removed but I got an email..

    A month ago I upload the lyrics of one of Janet's Jackson's songs. The next thing I knew, Youtube gave me one strike. I never got any strikes before. I wrote them a letter explaining how their reasons for copyright were unfair and that I gave credit in the video. Ever since I got that strike...