Can I upload two of the same videos in 2 different channels?

Maarij Bashir

I've Got It
A collaborator and I are working on a song and we want to upload that video on both of our channels. Is there a way to upload that videos without getting any problems?
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You own the video. Which means you have the rights to it. So, in practice, you should be able to do with that video as you please. As long as you can prove you own it's content.
If you made your own song and your own video, you can do whatever you want with is as license owner/holder :)
I don't seem what is the problem here. Upload the video on both channels and you should be fine.
I personally think it is a waste. The person doing the editing puts it up. Next collab go the other way. or if you collab you could have 2 different views of the same thing. 2 camera angles. That would be a cool way to upload the same content, but from a different view. Carbon copies? I bet there has to be something in the TOS about that. Otherwise people could make 10 channels and post the videos on those 10 channels to get more views per video.