1. W

    Hey Gamers! We’re on the lookout for sponsorships!

    Hey gamers! Hope your all safe and well! Our company is on the lookout for up and coming members of the gaming community to join our team as an ambassador for our gaming product’s! if this is something of interest, shoot us a DM on Instagram @wirelesskings and we’ll look into it!
  2. Scandinavian Freckles

    They scam small youtubers!

    Hi everyone, So I was approached to shout this company out and I found out so many other "smaller" youtubers have before me BUT !!! It's all a scam! Don't fall for this, check out my new video and you will see what I mean !!
  3. Abdullahx9000

    How do you come up with Sponsorship Badges?

    So quite recently I found about I had access to sponsorships. I filled out the Sponsorships form and made a couple of emojies for the sponsors. On the Sponsor badges page you can badges that are automatically given to sponsors depending on the time they have sponsored you for. It goes from...
  4. N

    YouTube Sponsorships for Beginners?

    So I've been wondering about these "Sponsorships" I've heard about and looked into. And I've found that they could help grow your channel in a great way I believe, sharing and helping improve your content and what-not. And I believe I saw some people that were one of the many Sponsorships there...
  5. Ampix0

    How to get sponsored. Guaranteed!

    Hey guys! I want to tell you a secret, you DO NOT NEED SUBSCRIBERS OR VIEWS TO LAND A SPONSORSHIP. I'm here to tell you that you can get paid right now, today, at any stage in your channel. And I'm not talking about signing up for an affiliate program, I mean checks, signed and mailed to you...
  6. T

    How do you approach companies to do product reviews as a small channel?

    I imagine it's quite difficult as a new channel to approach big companies to do reviews of their product, as you have very little benefit to receiving one of their products to advertise. Do you have any success with smaller companies, though? Or any company in general? I'd love to hear what you...
  7. Ampix0

    100 Subscribers and my FIRST SPONSORED VIDEO!

    Today my channel reached 150 subscribers, but it is also the release of my first ever sponsored video. I contacted a company (featured in the video) and to my surprise, they actually wrote me back even though I only had THREE videos and less than 100 subscribers believe it or not. The email I...
  8. Ampix0

    I've only made THREE videos and have a 10 deal with a sponsor!

    10 VIDEO DEAL* I know you probably are wondering how much money I am making and are about to scroll down to see it. I just want to let you know now, I am likely not going to post it, nor may I be allowed. I will tell you it is for a LARGE sponsor who I first found out about through two of the...
  9. Yachts For Sale

    How to get Sponsors

    There have been a few threads on this forum discussing the drop in revenue on YouTube. Sponsorship has been mentioned several times as a good option for a second revenue stream, so I just wanted to flag up an excellent video that was posted yesterday on Tim Schmoyer's "Video Creators" channel...
  10. T

    To those who have recieved or negotiated a sponsorship...

    Could you give us an example of how we should approach that situation in the future if we're lucky enough to recieve the opportunity? I figure there's plenty of knowledgeable people on here who have probably done some back and forth with companies. Would you be willing to give an example...
  11. SnowAspire

    Opinions on Exagerated Personality

    I've notice (as I'm sure you all have) that all big youtubers use an exagerated personality, whether it be minor or extreme. I see this from streamers like Ali-A, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, etc. What do you think about using an exagerated personality as opposed to the person you really are? I ask...
  12. Hashtag10


    Are there any companies/brands/entities willing to sponsor a new gaming channel? Because: Worst case scenario, they invested an insignificant sum of money (from their perspective) in a channel that failed badly. Best case scenario, they belived and invested in a channel from the start, even...
  13. enteje

    So, do you need a sponsorship to be successful?

    I'm not sure when I should join one and which to join. I'm kind of confused on what to do at this point. Any help would be great!
  14. xingcat

    When Companies Notice You

    Yesterday, I was contacted by a rep from the company that makes a hairbrush I reviewed on my channel, asking if they could link my review on their Facebook and Instagram pages (I said sure, they haven't added them yet, but here's hoping). For my efforts, they're sending me another brush. Cool...
  15. I

    Request [Free] Looking for a full time GFX editor for new eSports organization

    I am currently looking for someone who would be willing to provide GFX for my new eSports organization called Viision eSports. We currently cannot pay for your services, but we plan on making your services a priority in the future once we get a steady income. We currently have two competitive...
  16. John B

    Question About IZEA...

    Hello all! I am interested in the IZEA YouTube Sponsorship website, and am curious about a detail in their Terms of Service, It essentially says you have to be over 18 to join, why is this? I'm 17 and this is kind of bugging me... I'm not sure exactly why one would need to be 18 to join such a...
  17. Mupsin

    Do you wanna get sponsored???

    Hello you awesome people full to the brim with awesomeness, So I was just wondering how many of you out there want to be sponsored one day?? and if you do who do you want to be sponsored by and why?? and if you are already sponsored, how did you get sponsored and do you have any tips for people...
  18. Omeo

    Finding Relevant Sponsors

    Hi, everyone. Does anyone have any advice on finding sponsors that are relevant to your niche and audience? It's easy enough to find sponsors, but how do we find sponsors our particular audiences are interested in? Thank you, everyone.