Request [Free] Looking for a full time GFX editor for new eSports organization


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Jul 12, 2015
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I am currently looking for someone who would be willing to provide GFX for my new eSports organization called Viision eSports. We currently cannot pay for your services, but we plan on making your services a priority in the future once we get a steady income. We currently have two competitive CoD teams and are expanding to Counter Strike Global Offense and hopefully Rocket League in the future. Your job will entail making Video/Stream overlays, youtube/twitter/twitch banners and profile pictures, video Introductions, thumbnails, and other GFX items requested by each member of the organization. Our organization can offer your sponsorship opportunities, and payment in the future.On each piece of artwork you create, we ask that your signiture be small if you plan on using one. Each member who uses your products will be required to give you full credit on each service that they use it on. For example, If they use an overlay on twitch that you made, they will be required to put below their stream that you were responsible for the product and they will also be required to provide any link that you would like for them to that pertains to your services (GFX website, twitter/youtube/other social links, online shop). For more information, replay to this thread, or email Also, you can tweet at us @Viision_eSports. Thanks!