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Are there any companies/brands/entities willing to sponsor a new gaming channel?
Worst case scenario, they invested an insignificant sum of money (from their perspective) in a channel that failed badly.

Best case scenario, they belived and invested in a channel from the start, even when they had no reasons to, that has had some success. And I think that’s a good marketing strategy that eventually will also be in their favor.
They will.
But they won´t invest in you.
Advertisers still underestimate the impact and importance of online video - way more money gets spend on TV ads. But this will change in the future.
Like companys are sponsoring events, TV shows and radio shows, they will sponsor whole YouTube channels. But not yours and not mine.
They will be more likely to set up their own with popular youtubers as guests (like Coca Cola), sponsor an already established channel long time (either they "buy" the channel or they will act like a MCN) or they will fund an already known celebrity.
A possible example of the last option could be Adidas setting up a Youtube Channel for Christano Ronaldo that will "Vlog" his training and life and will always have Adidas products prominently displayed.
They wouldn't sponsor a new channel that hasn't proved itself and not getting any views. Why would they? There are thousands of new gaming channels being created every day. That's not an insignificant amount of money at all.