1. Melvin

    Animated Minecraft Series: Minewars

    Hi Yttalk, I'm here to show u guys my plot for season 1 of my animated series Minewars. No I'm not a 6 year old kid and yes I have the capability to animate this I just want some opinions before anything is final Here is the script: Season 1 Plot Rough Draft Mark A Ruffy - Main character, a...
  2. Inturn

    Gaming Looking for collab For New Series

    Hello guys, So, I'm starting a new series. In short, what happens is that 2-4 people discuss random topics, but they have no clue what they are going to be until they are asked. So I am here to see if anyone would be interested in being involved! There are only really two requirements, which...
  3. Xefin

    Gaming I'm looking for one person on PC to assist me in recording a modded Minecraft series.

    Hello everyone, I'm Xefin and I run a solo YouTube channel which you can find out by asking in the comments to this post. I haven't been going for very long, but something I'm hoping to do is entertain people with some quality, creative, fun gameplay in various games. Right now i'm looking...
  4. O

    Want to make Video series (should I make a new channel)?

    I want to make a video series that's like a SNL type show but with my own spin on it. Should I make a new channel for this or can I include it in my original offbeatbryce channel? The show will be called "Bryce Live"
  5. Ramcast Productions

    Animation Help me animators you're my only hope.

    Hi! My channel (RAMCAST) makes an original series using minecraft and I am looking for an animator 2d or 3D to animate the show. You'll be paid and if you're interested I will leave a link to the show so you can check it out and see if it's something you want to do. Thank you! (it won't let me...
  6. Fireyfalcon

    Gaming 5 People wanted for a game series (PC)

    Hello my YouTube name in Fireyfalcon I wanted to start a new series and I need some people to help me with it. The game that I was interested in was Minecraft yes I know its an old game but I thought it would be fun. Now were not going to be doing vanilla Minecraft I wanted to add a mod pack to...
  7. C

    Interactive Series - CHOOSE FROM TWO TRAILERS!

    I am releasing two trailers and letting the viewer choose which series will be a full length series on my channel. This series will not be a normal one but a series of a game which is done movie-like with a certain character, and everyone can influence the next episode by leaving a comment on...
  8. Talooka


    What's YOUR favorite anime genre?? Let us know! Send us questions to answer, topics to talk about, and challenges to do! New #TalookaTalkBox episode every Tuesday :D
  9. O

    Creating a Web Series (Need Advice)

    I am thinking about creating a spin off of Sketch Comedy TV shows like Saturday Night Live etc but instead of the typical format I would change it up a bit. Topics: News: Made up news about celebrity's based on real events but twisted. Example (Ariana Grande licks Ice Cream Cones for Ben and...
  10. FantasticFreakingGaming

    Sheering the booty! Hardcore Minecraft survival series episode 2!

    hey there guys and gals! Today I bring you episode 2 of my Hardcore Survival series! Today's we go exploring the local area and seeing what wildlife we discover. We also find our first bit of iron and I put it to excellent use! If you enjoy the video be sure to tap dat LIKE button like you tap...
  11. L

    Review My Quality Please

    Let me know what you think about my audio! Also let me know about anything I could improve on! All constructive criticism appreciated !