1. M

    Gaming Looking For a Team of 5!

    I am a small youtuber that would like to do a series, I'm looking for five people with all the following thing... 1. This series will be on Minecraft for the Xbox 360 2. You need a Gold membership (obviously) 3. You need a microphone 4. You need two be between the ages 10-15 also this is a...
  2. UnknownReasonZ

    Gaming Into Minecraft Factions? Collab with me! (15 y/o) Good Quality.

    I have a factions series started and i'm looking for other YouTubers to come join me and just make a series with me! :D My channel: UnknownReasonZ (Search UnknownReasonZ Becto) to find my channel. I have twitter/twitch/discord/curse-voice/skype/TS3 Ect. Let me know!
  3. Z

    Horror Let's Play without a facecam?

    So I want something to freshen up my channel a bit, appeal to a different audience. I'm kinda hyped for Outlast II, so I'm well into the idea of Let's Playing the first one, heavily edited down into 10-15 minute videos you know? That's great, but I don't use a face cam. The main reason is that...
  4. Nico Natale - iamn3ko


    Nico Natale's Digital Workshop presents... EPISODE 14: RUSHING HOME FOR NEW YEARS (PART 3 OF 3) Watch the first two parts on my channel! PART 1 - THE TWELFTH VLOG FOR CHRISTMAS PART 2 - WE FOUND ANCIENT HIERGOGLYPHICS! (Crashed Drone) I reunite with one of my best friends, Brad. Emilee and...
  5. PineapplePlays

    Gaming Minecraft Modded Survival Series Collab

    Just Trying to meet some people who are down to earth have a sense of humor and can play minecraft with me. My series is inspired by Smajor, delphron, ldshadowlady, yammy. more of a kawaii type thing. lol look up harmony hallow something like that.
  6. Deathmitsos

    About to start a Tutorial Series

    Sooo , hello everyone, and happy new year. Most of you might know me from the Services section where i have my intro shop in there. I have noticed that a lot of you are interested in creating your own graphics, edits etc. So i am about to start a tutorial series, but i need some ideas about it...
  7. SeanFace101

    What happens when i tick: "Set as official series for this playlist"?

    What does having the option "Set as official series for this playlist" do to the playlist? Whats the difference between a playlist with this on and one with it off?
  8. Tomba


    Tips & Tricks: Save your pan locations as a preset and you won't have to redo the same process each time you add a webcam or overlay in sony vegas! Thank you for watching your local banana! Stay awesome! -Tomba ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sub here...
  9. AliKat

    Which game should I play?? [ASAP]

    Just got an Elgato Capture card for my PS4, and I'm not sure which game to do an LP on. I need to record tonight as I won't have time over the next few days, so I really need help choosing as all the games are the same to me. The choices are Bloodborne Until Dawn The Last of Us Witcher III Dark...
  10. DN4Gamer

    New Series "What The Cringe" Announcement

    Yesterday I announced a new series, called "What The Cringe" where we react to cringy post's, tweets or photos, and just starting off.. Holy crap it is already getting super cringy. You can send me on my twitter or facebook in photos that I can include in another episode, I will be posting...
  11. The Black Mastadonte

    My New Series led by my Audience

    Hey guys. So today I just started a new series made for my audience to play a larger role in my channel. The premise is that you guys watch the video and ask us questions. On the next episode, me and my cohost that you see in the video, the White Mastadonte will have a hilarious argument about...
  12. Billy Cartwright

    Weekly Vlog format review?

    After the initial few months on YouTube, I decided to introduce a weekly Vlog as a staple to my channel. I posted the 10th weekly episode a few days ago. The idea is that people will come for the entertaining/informative gaming videos (easily searchable), see my vlogs and invest in them...
  13. ProfessionalRik

    ODDWORLD #20 | Proud to be this far!

    Here it is! My 20th installment in my Oddworld blind playthrough! However, it's 12 PM here and I spent my whole AM on this forum trying to gain exposure. I am very sleepy. Good night, YTTalk.
  14. KKDaniel


    Im looking for a person that would like to do a Minecraft survival series on PC preferably people with the GMT (ENGLAND) You need to be 12-14 years old We can have a laugh do some funny stuff but stay mature and professional I also have GMOD if you would be interested IF YOU WANT TO HELP...
  15. javacentral

    Coffee around the world- Israel

    So I do this series called coffee around the world and I go to different countries and go through their history and culture and types of coffee they have there. I had a guy on my reddit AMA ask for me to do Israel so that's what I did! Let me know whatcha think and any improvements I may need to do.
  16. Hollysaurus

    What kind of channel do you have and what inspired you to start?

    Hey everyone! I am really just wanting to make friends and have positivity in my life. I'm sure you all would like some too! So tell me what your channel is all about and why you joined! Let's make his a huge community of positivity and friendship!!
  17. Extreemer162

    Help for new series title

    Hello guys and girls, I want to start a csgo competitive series in my channel and i want to ask you guys can you give me a ideas how to name it ? Thanks ! :) P.s. Sorry for my english ! :)
  18. PrimeSyndicate

    Voice Acting Voice Actors Needed for Machinima!

    I am going to make this thread very short and quick. Basically, I am in search for both voice and body actors for a machinima series on Minecraft. It is a short parody of the Adult Swim show "Robot Chicken". If interested, please contact me via Skype at: ikryptic_hd...
  19. Inspired

    Do Panther's Growl?! GTA 5 Funny Moments (Episode 6)

  20. Sarah Kellysen

    Writing /Creating A Drag Queen Comedy Youtube Show Looking For Cast & Crew

    Dear Youtube Community, I am Sarah a drag queen myself who is wanting to create a youtube comedy show about these three drag queens in their 20s that live together in the gaybourhood's of California and go out into the world as everyday drag queens experiencing life. This is a show to show the...
  21. ProfessionalRik

    [Pro Rik's New Series] GAME SCHOOL (Feedback and Comments Welcome)

    Hello, YTTalk! I'm ProfessionalRik. Now, let's get onto why I'm making this thread. I have this idea, nay a vision! I want gaming to be something that everyone feels they can do without judgement or stigma. I want everyone to find a common ground on the digital plane. I believe there's a...
  22. LandofDucks

    Gaming So you want to know what to Improve on your channel AND get a Shoutout?

    Hey guys, I have started a brand new seires over on my channel, This series is all about YOU! Each episode I will pick 3 channels to review and give advice on what you can improve on the make your channel look that much better and things that will help you grow! If you like what you are...
  23. JUPI

    Mini Series about Motorcycling Montage

    Hey guys, I had this idea to make a 3 part series about motorcycling montages. I am trying to create 3 different videos with the same footage but a different montage style. I want to see which style is received best. Here is part 1: Tell me what you think about my idea and the first part :)
  24. Fudgel

    Gaming MC Faction group

    I decided to start a new channel for gaming Minecraft seemed like the best bet... Now, the challenging part. I'm looking for people to collab on a minecraft faction server, our end goal will to be the most powerful faction on the server. We would do a series right from the beginning of finding...
  25. M

    Gaming New Xbox One GTA V Series!!! Join Now!!!

    Dear all, I'm starting a GTA V Series very soon and I need people to join and fill in essential roles to the story. If you have Xbox One and a mic you have a great chance to be apart of the series. The Trailer for the series is on my channel YaaBoyCellus. Message me back if you want to join in...
  26. KeniisuYT

    Don't Starve Modded Series!

    Don't Starve! A Game of Survival, where you must keep your sanity and health maintained while trying to Don't Starve! I'm going to be doing a Modded game where I will be playing as "Whandler" and trying to live off the lands as a Survivalist. Episode 1 - Starting Off Great! In this episode...
  27. SaberOfMoonLight

    Help me name a series!

    I'm working on a series about hacking games, and I need a name for the series. I don't just want to call it "Hacking (blank)," I want to have a clever name, like A+Start's "Son of a Glitch" series. If you have any suggestions, please post them below. I'll look at them and choose a name, and when...
  28. Jaise

    Animation Need Animation Team for Movie/Series

    Hello, Over the last few months, I've been writing a screenplay adaptation of the popular and beloved game franchise, "The Legend of Zelda." So far, it's at 147 pages at the time of posting this, which translates to about two hours of the fastest delivery in film time. What I'm looking...
  29. PrattyG

    Looking for new games to play on my channel!

    So recently I've been thinking that starting a lets play series would be a good kickstart for my channel as I have thinks to look forward to post. I just not sure what game I should play. I'm not look for some PC destroying ultra graphics triple A game. Just looking for something that...
  30. AmeGaming

    Octodad Series - Check it out!

    Hello all, I'm currently doing a few play throughs of different games, however the one I think I'm enjoying the most is Octodad, I'm honestly having a blast with it and would love if some of you awesome people could check it out and let me know what you think of it and if you've got any...