Animated Minecraft Series: Minewars


image.jpeg Hi Yttalk, I'm here to show u guys my plot for season 1 of my animated series Minewars. No I'm not a 6 year old kid and yes I have the capability to animate this I just want some opinions before anything is final Here is the script:
Season 1 Plot Rough Draft
Mark A Ruffy - Main character, a citizen in his home city Ingoton. He gets caught leaving the gates of the city and he is exilled. He gets thrown far out into the Savannah biome. While traveling the bleak world of Minecraft he learns the outside world is not how he was taught and everything he knew was a lie. There were no coal, redstone or iron under the ground and no animals or mobs sprawling about except for the hostile ones. He struggles to survive growing a long beard and resorting to eating dirt and cobblestone. At the brink of death he is captured by a group of scouts and brought into a cheery town and learns of the last resources left in the world of Minecraft. Mark becomes the hero in the town of pixeldust where supplies are slowly running out. In this town are several gangs that try to steal these resources or use extortion to get resources for themselves such as the blockheads and white hats. When Mark reluctantly is appointed to fight back against the blockheads he is viewed as a hero in the town. He meets new friends and follows leads for resources until he is ambushed by the white hats and gets all his stuff stolen. The white hats show up in pixeldust declaring war over the pixeldust Resources. Giving the town 3 days to prepare for war mark assembles a rag tag team to find a cache of weapons rumored to be hidden in the forest. They find the weapons and beat the white hat gang while also learning of a ginormous deposit of diamond ore somewhere near Ingoton. Mark and his band of fighters travel to the outskirts of Ingoton where they are met with the Ingoton Suppession Force (ISF) telling them to back off and leave. The Ingoton army follow them back to pixeldust and sack the place. After a year they rebuild as the city of cobblerock And do recon for the diamond deposit. At word that a map is found somewhere within golem ruins. Mark makes the journey there and find the map. Three recon soldiers follow Mark and steal the map from him and bring it back to their leader where they figure out where the deoposit is and plan to dig there setting up the second season of Minewars.
If you want to see some of my videos go to:
Also respond if you are interested in voice acting original music producing or support animating the first series of this show for free. Tell me what you think and what I should add or fix to the plot! Thanks [DOUBLEPOST=1461554948,1461550098][/DOUBLEPOST]Bump
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Nice.. I'm kinda getting a dystopian vibe here. The thing with these Minecraft Series is that they're very cringey and low-qaulity. I think you have to put alot of effort into this script if you want this show to succeed with your subscribers (and other future subs) I would like to voice act to if you still have some space??! Skype: WannaBeProductions (The Blue Logo)