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May 4, 2015
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Hello my YouTube name in Fireyfalcon I wanted to start a new series and I need some people to help me with it. The game that I was interested in was Minecraft yes I know its an old game but I thought it would be fun. Now were not going to be doing vanilla Minecraft I wanted to add a mod pack to it. Not sure what mod pack to add yet but I'm sure we'll think of one. I'm going to be letting 5 people join not including me. I do have some requirements you must be 14 and up considering I'm 15 and maybe I could make one exception if your just turning 14. Next is you must have a decent mic it doesn't have to be top notch but something to where we can here you talk. Also there cant be a lot of background noise its fine if you get the occasion bang or other people walking. You are going to need Skype and one last thing, your going to have to be able to handle jokes i don't want people getting mad because someone said something that was meant as a joke and if worst comes to worst ill make so theres no PVP against other players in game. That's just about it. If you have anybody you would like to add just send them this thread or when we're talking, you can suggest him/her to me. That is all for now ill keep you guys up to date on how much slots are left. I forgot to mention that i have the server part figured out and i am getting back to me channel after not being active for 2 months because of some stuff.
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