1. Mr Danny

    The Mr Nobel Danny Awards Prizes

    Award season has not begun at all, but that doesn't matter because The Mr Nobel Danny Awards Prizes are too special to be related to any other awards. Why, you ask? Well, watch this video to find out. Althouh I must warn you, the answer is not in the video; it's in your heart.
  2. Mandi at Random

    Things That Lazy People Do

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  3. Mr Danny

    Welcome, Autumn! And bye summer you jerk

    It's autumn! Which you already know because you've drank 3 pumpkin spice lattes today. Well, fine. I'm late to the party. One day late. Whatever. Wanna say goodbye to summer with a beautiful eulogy? Give autumn a toast? Well I did it first IN MY NEW VIDEO! (the one you see above, duh)
  4. Staying Alive Comedy

    Don't drink the water!

    Our latest and greatest "instructional" video! :D Would you guys drink it?
  5. Mr Danny

    Dating Desserts!

    For all you dessertsexuals out there! If you've ever seen a delicious, warm, gooey, soft, intensely chocolately brownie and thought to yourself "DAMN, I want to date that sugary angel", then this video is for YOU! Go ahead! Watch it and make your dessert dreams come true...
  6. Branden Morales


    A pure joy with this vid! Enjoy (;
  7. Mr Danny

    Back To School Extravaganza

    Are YOU *points finger* going back to school? Yes? No? Who cares! Just watch this video.
  8. Mr Danny

    How To: Birthday Cards!

    Hey you useless piece of human! Do you want to learn to do something right for once in your puny slave life? Good, then watch this video! You can learn how to do some really great, emotional, impactful birthday cards for your loved ones (and other). :) :) :/ :)
  9. Scoby125

    Music Looking for a Singer for a Music Parody! :D

    Whats up people! So I have written a parody for 21 pilots song heathens, I am looking for a singer to sing this as a collaboration(I am an awful singer so I need someone who actually knows what they are doing :D ). The parody is gaming related so all the video/words on screen with the lyrics...
  10. Brandon Sharp

    How would you go about making a viral video (For a Joke):)

    I Think I made a viral video It was a How to basic Parody, And I'm a small channel and it went up like 8 views in a day, I KNOW ITS NOT A LOT SHHHHH, Almost sh*t my pants hahah Share your ideas For fun, Would be funny to see the ideas :P
  11. Mr Danny

    100 Layers of Human

    Don't you love being complicated and having layers? Yeah me neither life is hard. But it's what we got so we might as well understand it. And where can you reach an understandment of the human psyche? A stupid YouTube video based on a dumb tag! Obviously! ...onions...
  12. Scoby125

    Music Looking for a singer for 21 Pilots Heathen Parody!

    Whats up people! So I am currently in the process of writing a parody for 21 pilots song heathens, I am looking for a singer to sing this as a collaboration(I am an awful singer so I need someone who actually knows what they are doing :D ). The parody is gaming related so all the video/words on...
  13. MisterJDiggidy

    How to Be on a DISNEY SHOW!

    Have you ever wanted to be on Disney Channel? Me neither. But here's a video on how to do it! Only 1 step! (btw, it's a parody video. I wish I didn't need to explain that but some people might take the video seriously...even though it's a comedy video. Oh well. You do you.) I hope you...
  14. Mr Danny

    Summer Lovin'

    Cause what's better than summer? LOVE! Or not. Not loving is fine too. Makes you a psycopath but I'm no one to judge you. But you can judge me all you want just by watching this video. Come on, JUDGE ME!
  15. Mr Danny

    Fun with Acronyms!

    Yeah okay I realise how truly stupid that title sounds. But don't the best things in life sound stupid? Coca Cola? Free education? Dogs? I don't know what I'm about. Cool. Great.
  16. WeegieMovies

    Hitler Finds Out About the Ghostbusters Reboot

    Poor old Hitler. He just wants to enjoy a new, original story. So how did he take it when he found out about the all - female Ghostbusters reboot? Not well... If you liked this video, please do me a massive favour and share it with a friend, it's so appreciated. Cheers, Lee
  17. sostupidlife

    Looking for a feedback

    Hey people. I've started posting videos almost a month ago, but I still don't know if I should keep creating my stuff in this way, so I'd be very greatful if you leave your opinion about it. And a little more about videos I'm recording - it's just a parody of vlogs, so don't be too surprised :)
  18. LadyAiluro

    Overwatch Parody| HOW TO BE PRO | Parody Torbjorn Guide

  19. LadyAiluro

    Parody Torbjorn Guide

  20. Mr Danny

    BuzzFeed Quizzes by MrDanny

    BECAUSE I MAKE MY VERSION OF EVERYTHING! I'M A NARCISSISTIC TWAT! In all seriousness, this video is absolutely great and perfect in every single way because I made it thank you very much byee
  21. WeegieMovies


    Hey guys, I challenged myself to take the craziness of the last few weeks of British politics and edit it into a dramatic movie trailer! If only Brexit really was just a movie haha. It's something a little different to my usual videos, so please do have a look and let me know what you think...
  22. Hey Jesse!

    Jacob Sartorius - "Sweatshirt" PARODY!

    Hey, this is a recent parody I made about Jacob Sartorius. I gotta say this is the best parody I ever made. I did roast him, however it was a friendly roast. Not the type of video where it will be totally offensive. Hope you enjoy!
  23. Mr Danny

    June Flavourites

    PLEASE let me share with your my favourite flavours of the month. I swear it's not as dumb as it sounds. That's a lie. Maybe it is. I mean it definitely is. But... yeah. FLAVOURITES IS A GREAT PUN THOUGH!
  24. Hey Jesse!

    Music Singer needed for parody!

    Hi everyone! Currently i'm in the process of making a Bart baker style parody of Jacob Sartorius "Sweatshirt" I mainly need a male to sing the song, however there is a small part that requires a female to sing it. You can email me at and tell me that your from yttalk...
  25. thejadonmayhew

    Introducing Prawn Cocktail Air..

    I have no words. I love this video, it's probably the best (in my opinion) one I've made to date.
  26. GooberVlogs

    Youtuber Reacting to Youtubers Youtube Video Response

    A few days ago I made a parody of all of these reaction channels by doing my own reaction video.. at the end I told my subscribers to make a response reaction video of them reacting to the video of me reacting to another youtubers youtube video. Here is Deadpool reacting to me reacting to...
  27. Kecha.L

    I fell on a nail, story time :)

    I made a story time video and I was hoping to get some feedback! I will be giving back feedback on whatever you want as well :)
  28. Mr Danny

    The ULTIMATE Infomercial

    Let me try to convince you to buy something! It's not something you can actually buy... so it's not a real infomercial.... woops... i'm gonna stop talking now.... INFOMERCIAL!
  29. TMJBtv

    Dark Pikmin Parody Animation

    I got yttalk Vip so I thought I may aswell post in this forum And here's the sequel :P
  30. S

    Selfie Taking Drone (parody)