1. Oscar J Stones

    So you wanna be an internet chef?

    My newest video, another "comedic" take on the "How to YouTube" format. If you like it, or don't why not give me some feedback. You know, if you feel like it!
  2. Evan Helbling

    Underage Drinking PSA - School Project

    Please enjoy this sarcastic film displaying the dangers of underage drinking. It has already changed the live of many!
  3. j12stones


  4. MythicalTaco

    Music Need Male/Female Singers For A COD Parody Song Cover

    The only requirement is to have a really good voice, the song will be "R. City - Locked Away ft. Adam Levine" I will do all of the editing and i will send you the lyrics to the song, but i will will need to get to know you first. So i will leave my Skype below. So after that i get to know you, i...
  5. j12stones

    Captain America: Civil War (Pewdiepie Edition) Parody

  6. Lightsen

    New Pokémon Animation! Took me nearly a year LOL

    So its about time am I right? this project has had setbacks all year around, I started a new job, had health issues etc. but I managed to stick through it, and Im so happy with the result, and a whopping 8 MINUTES! I know that sounds so tiny to most people, but for anyone that animates or...
  7. ParoDeeJay

    "Atari" - A Retro Gaming Parody of "Sorry" by Justin Bieber

    Welp, this is one part music, one part gaming, and two parts comedy, all smashed together into an 8-bit mess in our no-budget home recording studio. We're just having fun, so hope you enjoy our nonsense... :D It's monetized, because it's obviously copyright claimed, so most all your money...
  8. OMGItsGuppey


    I am making a Zayn - Pillowtalk gaming parody and I need a male singer to deliver the vocals! All credit will be given to you for the vocals and you will reach a large amount of new people! The parody is guaranteed to get 200-300 views or more, as well as a very possible chance of...
  9. Zach S.

    Spilly Mays (Oxi-Clean Parody) - Ft. Shane

    Spilly Mays here, and today we are going to show you the amazing qualities of Oxi-Clean and how it works. This is my interview run so hopefully I get hired but I don't know. How do you think I did? Let me know in the comments!!! Fo real doe, thanks for watching and be sure to like and subscribe...
  10. Oscar J Stones

    Thoughts on my newest video?

    I was wondering if somebody could take a look at my most recent video and tell me what you think about it? Does my intro work well enough? Is the pacing okay? Is the editing competent? Any and all feedback's much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  11. Tranxify

    CSGO Revolver V.S AWP - Parody

    Hello YTtalk! I uploaded another one of my parody videos! I would love to hear any feedback from your guys. I am sure that your comments are lovely and really helpful. Enjoy, like, comment and share with your friends to let everyone enjoy a smile on their face!
  12. Tranxify

    CSGO Smurf Carries Noobs

    This is my second video on my channel! It is a parody video and I hope that you enjoy it. Leave a comment with your feedback because I really appreciate them!
  13. MegaCrasher

    Reaction To Regdrags Pokemon Showdown Troll Video (FUNNY!)

    Oh now it's time for me to watch the video that features Cynthia aka Regdrags aka SWISSCHEESE4ABRAIN trolling me and making me go mad in our skype call why she was secretly recording me! :P Cheesy's channel is here: This is also...
  14. KidCom

    Batman v Superman WORST RAP VERSION!!!

    To celebrate the upcoming 1000 subscribers milestone, I make a rap, and it sounds pretty bad.
  15. GooberVlogs

    This Is Your Brain On Drugs (Parody)

    I remember this commercial when I was younger and looked it up on youtube and it was a PSA commercial for a drug free america... So I made a parody of the original this is your brain on drugs ad.
  16. S

    Now with 24% More Explosions!

    The most ridiculous video I've ever made...
  17. CreepyMeow

    Shrek (.. on drugs)

    Hey, well.. this is a thing i made. I'm making a series out of this - what do you think? Also - i'm getting in to this youtube thing balls deep so watch yo' face and subscribe! -- Videos/movies: Shrek 1 Spongebob Tony Montana from Scarface Songs used: Trentino & Navic - The Wolf Of Wall Street...
  18. GooberVlogs

    Should I Do A New Parody Video????

    What do you guys think of this makeup tutorial parody video??? I think I did a good job and am thinking about doing a second one.. any suggestions of what food I should use next.....
  19. CreepyMeow

    Home Alone (.. on drugs)

    Hey, well.. this is a thing i made. I'm thinking of making a series out of this - what do you think? Also - i'm getting in to this youtube thing balls deep so watch yo' face and subscribe!
  20. O

    Spoof vs Parody

    Is there a difference between a parody and a spoof? I'm asking because I always thought they were the same thing but now I'm not so sure. I've seen videos where someone comments on a music video or uses a green screen and imports themselves in the video and calls it a spoof rather than a...
  21. Mr Danny

    Viscous Christmas - A "Poem"

    Prepare yourselves for the best poem of the season, a true work of art, the finest winter literature: Viscous Christmas Disclaimer: There's nothing viscous in the video, it's family friendly
  22. Shadow Major

    MOCKINGBLADE! THE LAUGHTER GAMES part III Rocket League Gameplay

    The final epic (and ridiculous) conclusion to the trio's battle of gods and AI in Rocket League! How wide was it? that is the question! ******************************************************************** Check out the other mofo's channels SamuraiHex...
  23. Crimes Against Cinema

    Possible Entertaining Episode Idea; Is it good?

    Hey guys! So I'm new here and I've made myself welcome in the "Introduce Yourself" forum and such, but to clarify in order to try in explain my idea: my YouTube channel is a group of friends and me watching bad movies and talking about why they are just horrid. We break things down and try to...
  24. Sassers_

    Comedy web series would love feedback!

    Hi everyone in yttalk land! I just launched my first comedy web seriesand would love feedback! Please feel free to leave comments on the actual youtube video and please be gentle and constructive! Brief synopsis: After 34 years in the Sunday Funnies, Cathy's cartoon is canceled. Now she has to...
  25. Devin Spell

    [Skit] Tips n Tricks for Combine in BO3

    I made a tips n tricks video for Combine, but with a skit/comedy spin on it :P
  26. CristyTango

    WHY WON'T ANYONE WATCH? I'll look at yours if you look at mine ;)

    I have been away from YouTube for a couple of years. I just recently made a parody video, thought it would be funny although I'm a little late to the game on the whole Drake thing. I just wanted someone to take a look and tell me if you think it's good/funny and what I can improve on on my...
  27. JoshE Video

    Comedy Short clip you can send me (Collaboration-Apple parody)

    Hi, my name is Josh (JoshE Video) and I am looking to collaborate with some people. I currently have 264 subscribers so I am looking for people in that range. I also want people with somewhat similar content such as comedy, shorts, skits and effects stuff. You would be recording around a 20...
  28. C

    Music Singer(s) for "I'll make a Man out of you!" Parody!

    Hello y'all. I have come up with a fantastic parody for the great song, "I'll Make a Man out of You" known from the Disney Classic Mulan. I am looking for singers as I'd love to do it myself but I just suck at singing. So if you got a decent voice and want to make a fun parody of this song...
  29. O

    Alex Preston parody Feat Alex Preston

    I went to one of Alex's shows and he did a duet with me of the parody I wrote of his song. Alex Preston finished 3rd on American Idol two years ago.