Music Looking for a singer for 21 Pilots Heathen Parody!


I've Got It
Whats up people! So I am currently in the process of writing a parody for 21 pilots song heathens, I am looking for a singer to sing this as a collaboration(I am an awful singer so I need someone who actually knows what they are doing :D ).

The parody is gaming related so all the video/words on screen with the lyrics will be edited and made by myself I am just looking for a singer to do the actual singing! Of course you will get full credit in the video and what not!

If you are interested let me know in the comments below I'd love to work and meet some new singers :)
Hey Scoby! I'd actually love to do something like this. I want to see your channel, but it says that it doesn't exist.

My channel has just been updated now :) It seems like I cant see your channel either :/ Either way add me Skype: Scoby125 we can discuss this further there:)[DOUBLEPOST=1472224583,1472224544][/DOUBLEPOST]
I will be down for working with you

Hey I would be interested in doing this also! I would need to hear some of your singing first of course but add me on skype: 'Scoby125' we can discuss more there :D