1. Samuel Jedidiah A. Uy

    Gaming Gaming Collab [SEA]

    Hello guys! Im GetZ. Im a student and I am a Filipino. I spoke good inglis becos may pamili is ingles I dun hab dos pelepeno aksent *kappa. I would like to find people that would like to do a collab with me. Im 15 and im looking for teens within the same age group. I currently have 11...
  2. zZAZzIL

    Gaming League Of Legends content creators!

    Hey guys! I´m new to this site and i'm new to youtube. I'd like to do a collab with another LOL content creator to help us both grow:) Im looking forward to put a new channel under the tag"Check out this Channels aswell" and for someone to do the same with my channel but on your channel wall...
  3. MultiDragon129

    B-B-B-BONFIRE!!! Bloodborne #27 let's play ☜(˚▽˚)☞

    CHECK IT OUT (If you want) just one of my bloodborne co-op episodes w/ my friend RICDRAGONZR4U I've had alot of fun making these so hopefully if gets out there somehow these videos =P B-B-B-Bonfire!!!
  4. EscapedGoat

    Comedy Any Collaborations?

    Hi, fellow You tubers! My name is Escaped Goat, and I am here today to ask about any possible collaborations, that I can be part of. I am willing to Collaborate through gaming videos, funny skits, vlogs... Anything as a matter of fact! So if you would like to give me this opportunity of...
  5. MultiDragon129

    FUNNIEST Mario Maker RAGE! ( ̄へ ̄)

    Hey guys, it's MultiDragon129! I was doing this really crazy Maker Let's Play with my cousin and I decided to make this particular part a highlight. This basically represents my break down from how hard the levels were XD I almost cried when I died o.o...
  6. MultiDragon129

    WHAT'S UP? Gaming Channel Feedback Plz ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Hey guys, MultiDragon129 UP IN THIS JAUN! if you do manage to stumble upon this thread, I was hoping for some channel feedback. I am a Let's Player who loves playing Mario games and currently i'm on co-op Bloodborne and Mario Maker. I also do Smash, SMW Hacks and random other games. Honestly...
  7. MultiDragon129

    Any funny episode from a current let's play! =P

    What do you think is your best/funniest let's play that you've done currently. If you think it's a good episode from your series. Maybe a rage episode, or an embarrasing defeat that was so bad it was good. You wanna share what you've been holding on to then by all it here! =P...
  8. LunaNoshi


    call it, hyper realistic There is a swear word in tehre, once i think
  9. bstylz01

    How not to hit on girls @UNLV

    what other videos should we do! give us ideas!
  10. P

    Gaming League of Legends?

    Hi! I am thinking of making a new video with viewers on League of Legends. I am tired of playing with the same guys over and over, so I want to try out to make new friends. Now I am currently playing on EUW and my gamertag is pandabroosh. I am leveling up on this user so we will play against...
  11. Martyvader

    Martyvader has a channel and boy is it dumb lol

    What a title am I right? All fun and games aside I really appreciate any feedback on my channel good or bad. I've got thick skin...I CAN TAKE IT! Ouch! Geez you didn't have to hit so hard! *sniff sniff
  12. thumbhais

    Saving Money On Valentines Day

    Here's a short little guide on how to save your money on Valentines Day. Disclaimer: Some of these ideas are good, but if you follow through and you're single after Valentines Day, sorry. I'd also love for you guys to share some other creative ways that you'd save money as well! Please leave...
  13. Olroy

    Gaming 4.5K subs, looking for League of Legends collab

    Hey I'm looking for other league of legends youtubers out there. If you're interested in doing a collab then leave a reply and I'll take a look at your content! I do pretty much all silly videos and sometimes do some fancy editing. Below are some examples of my work. The only requirement I have...
  14. Dread Chemical

    COD Black Ops 3 - Demotion Troll (Short Version)

    Hey guys i made this video to get in a competition in TGS and i thought why not post it on YouTube since i made the trouble to make it, its my Call Of Duty Black Ops Demotion troll which i shrink it into 1 minute funniest moments enjoy. Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out...
  15. Dread Chemical

    COD Black Ops 3 #6 - Demotion Troll

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out their channel HanchaGaming - The Gaming Champ -
  16. Blakeusness

    Who's Your Daddy? - Meet Rodger the baby!

    Hi guys! Just made a new video on the game 'Who's your daddy' A fun indie that has been greenly on steam! Hope you enjoy!
  17. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Japanese MMA Fighter DRAMATIC WIN

    I couldn't resist!
  18. DavidThe SpanishNinja

    5 ways to get past a defender and Soccer tricks tutorial

    check out my channel if you enjoy my content and subscribe if you want to show your support and help me get to 100 subscribers ( only 4 away)
  19. DavidThe SpanishNinja

    The Ultimate Computer Gaming Series #2

    This is a computer gaming series i do on my channel just for funny laughs. If you enjoy my content make sure to check out my other videos and subscribe, thank you :)
  20. Plankiliar

    Other Collaboration For The Whole Youtube Career!

    I Need Collaborations For Any Stuffs Like Making Thumbnails, Do a Gameplay With, Have Fun With, Be Famous With. :) So There's Alot Of Reason Why I Want To Collab With You! Information::devil: Location: Philippines Age: 13 Gender: Boy We can Talk At Skype! Just Message Me And Lets Talk.:yttalk...
  21. NeonCandy

    I need help :S

    So im new to the video editing stuff and i would like you if you could give me some tips hah :) So here is my video: *Edited by Staff*
  22. Jareditton

    Hunie Pop Part 7 - Hentai in Paradise

    Post got edited by someone that can't handle anything,,, (just get rid of the space between "watch" and the "?v") ?v=mUK5NLJwhAI
  23. H

    Gaming hey looking for people to more chill with

  24. Daaave