1. Tuurngait Gaming

    Gaming Who Plays League of Legends?

    Hey I'm Tuurngait! I need new friends to play League with on my down time!! Hmu. My main is Mu Cepheii and my smurf is Tuurngait Add them! Let me know who you are first on the forum before adding me so I don't decline you!
  2. MechaJake

    More Jump Scare Madness! | Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion # 6

    Hey Everyone, I have put up another episode of my Spooky series. We're over half way through the game now and things are getting real! I had a ton of fun making this one :p So please enjoy!
  3. LooneyLad

    Going shopping as Harley Quinn! (Suicide squad)

    I was requested by a follower on my tumblr to go shopping dressed up as Harley Quinn! :tongue: Enjoy it people... everyone was staring and talking about me in the store, hahaha!
  4. MultiDragon129

    (#3) Resident Evil 5 ARCADE MODE | SHE'S 13!!! °Д°

    RESIDENT EVIL 5 ARCADE MODE | SHE'S 13!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys, back for some more Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Mode, I love uploading this...
  5. MechaJake

    I went a little WACK JOB with this one XD

    So I don't know why, but when I got home from work to record this.....I just felt like I was out of my god damn mind....but I ran with it.... Did it turn out?! YOU TELL MEEEE! Ahahahah!
  6. MultiDragon129

    Bloodborne | #49 - OCTOPUS LAND (゚ヮ゚☜)

    BLOODBORNE | OCTOPUS LAND -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- HEY GUYS more bloodborne is out , this time we explore through the Nightmare Frontier and fight some strange enemies along the way o.o and I mean this game just honestly gets weirder...
  7. Kemono

    ROASTING p**n INTROS (don't worry, it's sfw) (but maybe put headphones on)

    The intros to p**n videos are always the most hilarious and stupid things in the world, so i turn 'em on, and i roast the F@$K OUT OF THEM!!!! Enjoy!
  8. J

    Horror Game - Killing Room

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  9. AmateurPlayer


    if you have a decent mic and plays steam games and the most important is a FILIPINO add me.
  10. Kemono

    Full Wrestling Easter Egg levels on Mr. President! Must Watch!

    Posted it a little earlier but I'm hoping people enjoy! Check it out! It's every single level on the wrestling ones!
  11. MechaJake

    THE VILLAGE OF PAIN! | Nioh - Beta Demo 2.0 | #5

    Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a new episode of my Nioh Beta playthrough! I would appreciate if you could check it out when you have the time and comment down below to let me know what you think :) I will have another episode with the BOSS FIGHT :D uploaded very soon. I've been experimenting...
  12. MechaJake

    F#@%ING GL LABS CRABS! | Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion | #2

    Hey everyone! This is part 2 of my Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion playthrough. Enjoy! I'll have more episodes of this game coming out shortly as well as some Nioh gameplay.
  13. The Black Mastadonte

    Overwatch | Hilarious Tracer Guide!!

    Sick and tired of losing in Overwatch? Want to make everyone's life a living hell? Check out my new guide on Tracer from Overwatch. With this, you'll be playing Tracer like a BOSS in no time!
  14. Braxton Hooks


    Well Well Well....Look who decided to show up, since you're here you might as well check out this video. I mean it'll be worth your time, i guarantee it ;)
  15. itsaquagemini

    DIY FAIL: How to NOT make a Bath Bomb

    Why I don't do DIYs lol
  16. MultiDragon129

    Bloodborne Funny Moments ಠ⌣ಠ (48) | NIGHTMARE FRONTIER

    BLOODBORNE NIGHTMARE FRONTIER --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back for more Bloodborne yet again, this time we explore the lecture hall...
  17. Arachnophobik

    Roasting Youtubers: JINX

    Mature audiences only lmao ^_^ My videos are satire and in no way personal
  18. P

    Gaming Collaboration 15+, no other requirements.

    Hey guys I am 16 and I want to collab with some funny people. Games I play : MC LOL GMOD ... (can get some if needed) Just reply if you are interested
  19. Mandi at Random

    Things That Lazy People Do

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  20. J

    ARE YOU READY KIDS? - SpongeBob SlendyPants

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  21. ZanyEd

    Comedy Anyone want to try something new?

    I want to collab with someone for the first time. What I want to do is create a video of me trying to do a similar idea to my latest video below. Then I want to collab with someone so that I edit a video of someone else's video and my video back to back. This will be good for both of us because...
  22. MultiDragon129

    I Hate LITTLEMAC! - Super Smash Bros Wii U #5 Ò=(Ì_Í Ò)

    This is Why...I cri -Littlemac 2016 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Further continuing my Smash 4 series...
  23. MultiDragon129

    Bloodborne Funny LP W/ COLLEGE FEES (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

    BLOODBORNE - COLLEGE FEES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another Co-op Bloodborne Segment of my...
  24. MultiDragon129

    Loretta's Ring - DARK SOULS 3 - #10 (ᵔᴥᵔ)

    Loretta's Ring - DARK SOULS 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this episode of Dark Souls 3 Me and my cousin...
  25. L

    My first channel. Gaming Lol.

    Hello guys, how are you ? I'm newbie on ytb. This is my first produce, i hope you guys will give some comment for it. Tks guys so much.
  26. probablybetterthanyourmom

    The Walking Dead Personality Test (And Harambe Memorium)

    RIP Harambe.
  27. MultiDragon129

    Smash 4 W/ Friends #5 COUCH PARTY!! \ (•◡•) /

    COUCH PARTY SMASH #5 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hey guys, Finally i'm able to bring out some more Smash 4! one of my favorite games of all...
  28. MultiDragon129

    DRAGON'S FIRE - [Dark Souls 3] - #8 (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

    DARK SOULS 3 - DRAGON'S FIRE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3...
  29. Xanderin

    New League Of Legends Video

    hey i'm new to youtube and would like to share one of my better games as talon if you would like to check out my video and leave some advice that would be amazing and if you enjoyed the video hit that sub button but only if you enjoyed it thank you =)
  30. JuicyJustinYT

    Gaming looking for a PS4 collaberation

    50 sub YouTube channel, i dont care about the size of yours, i will collab regardless. Looking for a bo3 or r6 siege collab. reply or message me on psn if interested PSN- xX42_Justin_42Xx