growing an audience

  1. Pedro Nascimento

    YouTube Timelines - Share yours!

    I have been making videos and learning for the past 4 years but I never got that big jump as some people say that when a big channel with finds 1 one your videos, shares it and you start growing an audience much faster than before. Or, just suddenly you make a viral video that jumps up your...
  2. The Outcome

    Some tips that might help.

    Hi guys, I've actually made my first 100 subs a few weeks back and I thought it was impossible for my niche (motivation), to actually break out of the 0-30 views per video range. As a YouTube idiot, I did not have any one to guide me and struggled awhile before actually finding some detailed...
  3. CrunchyTvYT

    Gaming Collab for xb1 yt

    I do Xbox one gaming on YT and im looking for people to collab with so i can grow! reply and Dm me on twitter for a collab ;)
  4. karramsos

    Advice for growing my channel

    Hi. This is my first post and I hope I'm not irritating anyone. I am new to Youtube and I've uploaded 72 videos and I'm mostly teaching about Python programming and data analysis. I've got 90 subscribers so far and I'm looking for advice on how to grow the audience. Is anyone doing something...
  5. Samuel Donner

    Just reached 50 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

    My channel seems to be growing so fast! I have twice the amount of subscribers last week and it only keeps going up! I'm thinking I should start posting twice a week with more consistency now, So far I've been doing every Sunday and then some random day in between. Does anyone have any advice...
  6. Mattssassin

    Channel Reviews Welcome! Looking to Improve!

    Hey everyone, so I've had my channel for about two years now and have only 33 subs. not that I'm ungrateful for the support because all is really welcome, but I wanted to know some advice for growing the audience of my channel and wanted to also give it some exposure. So please, leave any...
  7. Johnny Kag

    Being discovered by new audience

    Hi fellow youtubers! Nowadays it is way more difficult to be discovered by new people than it used to be, and if somebody ends up watching your videos, the chances of him subscribing are very small. A few years ago, youtubers were still in the making, they were fewer, and thus they would be...
  8. J

    If an 'Experimental' Upload of yours went Viral, What would you do?

    Hey everybody! If you uploaded a new genre of video, an experiment, just to see how it would perform, and it wen't viral, what would you do about it? And let's say you didn't enjoy making the video nearly as much as your other videos, but the audience loved it. Matthew Santoro talked about...
  9. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Neverwinter (PS4) | Dungeon & Dragons Live Stream

    This is a really good game
  10. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Star Wars Battlefront (PS4) | Join The Dark Side Live Stream

  11. Anjim

    Re: Zero Epsiode 18 Rem Is A Ride Or Die Chick Review

    Subaru rejects Rem in this epsiodes
  12. Anjim

    Both of my channels losing subs in a minute

    As you all know that I run two channel anjim plays ( upload ever Wednesday) and anjim 2.0 (upload ever Mondays). When I upload a 2-5 videos someone unsub because I did sub4sub ( I don't know about it until later on). I know people say : I don't worry about subs but you will need them to grow...
  13. Laura Wills

    Channel review for South Florida Vloggers :)

    Hey guys! We're Laura and Richie and we recently started a vlogging channel a few months back. We vlog our daily life doing anything from going to the beach, day trips, flying our drone, surfing, and just fun beachy activities! We have about 20 videos up on our page and would love for some...
  14. Anjim

    Does Gabriel Agreste Have Twin Brother And Theories On Season 2

    Are you ready for Miraculous Ladybug
  15. Anjim

    Mortal Kombat XL (PS4) Live Stream

    Me playing towers and try to play online
  16. Anjim

    Do You Love Or Hate Berserk 2016 Series?

    Do you think the animation is bad in Berserk 2016 series
  17. Anjim

    Life Is Strange (PS4) Live Stream

    Part 2 is coming up next week
  18. Anjim

    Does Donatations To Youtube And Twitch Channels Help You?

    The question is that are donation help you or it's a scam?
  19. Anjim

    My Anime Harem And Waifu Story

    Please don't laugh I love me some anime women lol
  20. Anjim

    Sonic the Hedgehog Games 1- 3 (Mega Drive) Live Stream

    Happy 25th Anniversary Sonic
  21. Anjim

    Why I Am Not Growing On Youtube? Am I Bad Youtuber?

    I normally post this on Monday by I want to get this off my chest.
  22. DivideAndConquer

    Can Someone Please Explain Youtubes SEO To Me Like I'm Five

    Hi My name is Trevor! :) Now ive looked at 100s of Youtube videos that supposedly explain how youtubes SEO works and how to optomise it but they all do the same thing and go into supper technical talk that i swear is for rocket scientists. lol anyway if anyone could explain it to me as though i...
  23. A. Chanelle


    Hi guys, I thought I'd ask the YT community and see what happens. How did you grow your channel? I am new with my channel, pretty restless and I feel like there's no way to succeed without someone willing to help you, and nowadays, those people seem to not exist. So, if you feel you've been...
  24. Zachary Thomas

    Why aren't my subscribers growing?

    For the last 3-5 videos my subscriber growth has been stuck at the same number, which is discouraging to me cause I'm trying to promote as much as I can and use any means neccesary to get others to watch, do any of you have advice on how to grow the amount of people that subscribe?
  25. J

    How to correctly gain an audience?

    Please share your tips with me and probably others on how to correctly gain an audience. As a small YouTuber I would love to get the assistance you guys can lend me. Thanks! ;]