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  1. Brix

    Making OverWatch Custom Games

    Hey guys, i'm Birk, nice to see you. Me and my friends are making a new OverWatch series. However, i don't want it to be like every other funny moments series. That's why i want to make custom games with fun gamemodes for a different experience to make it unique. I'm wondering if any of you had...
  2. Seige

    Gaming Looking For Gaming Youtubers

    Hey guys I'm looking for people to record with. I have a Discord server setup for everyone interested in recording so once you have finished reading this add me and ill send you a link to my server, the server isn't very active yet as it is new and only has a small group of people. I hope to get...

    GTA V Flaming Motov Cocktail Party (Montage)

    One of my latest gaming montages! Some pretty funny parts in this one. :)
  4. SoHappyNow

    Gaming Pc Gaming Collab

    Hey! My name is Koen and im looking for DEDICATED people to play&record with,currently i have 2 other friends i play everyday with or close to everyday and im looking for people to join us! ;D we have a discord setup so thats all ready to go. we play all types of games from gmod to cards against...
  5. Z

    Gaming Looking for ps4 collab bo3, gta v modern warfare remastered, 100 subs

    looking for another gaming youtuber thats around 100 subs to collab with playing infinite ops 3, modern warfare remastered, plus some others. im 17 not really an age limit just asking to be around my sub level or more, my twitter is zombie393slayer and my psn is...
  6. Jolttix

    Gaming Wanna play Golf With Your Friends

    Just looking for some people to play Golf With Your Friends for a video or two. Just have the game and comment below. *16 or older*
  7. TheToastGamer

    Gaming PC Master Race where you at?

    Okay guys, Here's the low down. I'm looking for some people who are funny, interesting, don't get easily offended, tbh just decent people to join my growing group of PC friends & youtubers. Preferably aged 15+ but that's not a necessity! We play a lot of games, gmod, siege, warframe, golf with...
  8. I

    Gaming Looking for friends to record on PS4 (like Vanoss)

    Hey guys. Im a small YT channel with like 100+ subs and I am looking for a team to play with and have fun in games like GTA 5 and bo3 for now. Looking to expand when WW2 comes out. I already have like 2-3 people and would like to get as many as I can. I would love it if we can have fun like...
  9. ImChazza

    Supressed AR Rampage - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    I know this video is 2 days old as of posting. I only joined yesterday. Feel free to comment and give feedback:)
  10. Jolttix

    Gaming Funny moments - Looking to collab

    I need friends that specialize in funny moments content, I mainly play CS:GO and H1. Check out my channel and see if you create similar content, if you do then leave a comment on this thing. Please be 16 or older and have an active channel. I like pizza as well.
  11. Jolttix

    Gaming Just Some Friends, Specialize in Funny Moments

    I need some friends to play with. I have CS:GO, H1Z1:KOTK, and Garry's Mod are the main games I play. The only thing I ask is that you are 16 or older, and have an active YouTube channel. I mainly play CS:GO and I'm awful. I already have 2 other friends, ReMixzGaming and YaBoyMerp. Please go...
  12. XxxTh3K1n9xxX

    Gaming Funny Moments Collab :)

    Sup guys? I'm looking for other YouTubers that play on Xbox. I play games such as, GTA V, ARK, Skate 3, Dark souls 3, COD BO 1-3, I also play games on pc such as, GMod, Payday 2, CSGO, Unturned and much more. Thank you guys for your time, you can message me on here, Add me on xbox or steam at...
  13. SoHappyNow

    Gaming Small youtuber looking to collab(18+)

    Hey! My name is Koen and im 19years old,im still a new youtuber but dreaming big,im looking for people who want to collab,there's no real requirement besides being 18+ and play games/interact/record frequently,the age restriction is mainly so we can crack a joke everyone understands and have a...
  14. ceo Lorenzo

    CS:GO Gameplay - Funny & Insane Moments #4 (noscopes, ace, wallbangs)

    Let me know what you think!
  15. The Insane Reaver

    Assassin's Creed Black Flag - How To Get A Sandwich Like A Reaver!!

    Enjoy this step-by-step guide to getting a sandwich LIKE A BAWSS in Assassin's Creed Black Flag!! Have a GREAT WEEK and keep it CRAZY guys!!
  16. H

    Gaming Looking For People to Collabe on Youtube!

    My Youtube is "HydroBurns" Currently at 795 subscribers. (Trying to form a group) -Must have a good mic -Must be 16+ -Must speak English. I play games like -Rocket League -CSGO -Player Unknown Battlegrounds -H1Z1 -etc, and willing to try new games.
  17. Lethal

    Gaming CSGO Funny Moments and some other games.

    Requirements: MUST be from the UK, or Ireland. NEED have discord. Minimum Age: 13 NEED to be online on most days. NEED to have common game sense XD NEED to have a decent sense of humour. Sorry for being a bit harsh but wanted to get that out the way. Information About Me: Username: Lethal...
  18. Humor Hub

    Outlast 2| DEMOlition

    Hey guys! I hope you enjoy our latest video!
  19. TheToastGamer

    Gaming CLOSED Looking for some cool PC gamers for a group!

    Hey guys, My name is Lexi, i'm 19 & I'm from the UK. I have a Youtube channel, called TheToastGamer (you can click the link below) I do a mix of game reviews, featuring friends (which is collabs), let's plays, and funny moments. I just really want to find a solid group of friends that i can...
  20. TheToastGamer

    Gaming CLOSED - Looking for consistent PC gamers

    Hey guys, I'm a girl gamer looking for some consistent youtuber gamers to not only collab with but to hopefully make a little group. I put my gender because i feel like there aren't a lot of girl gamers, so it would be cool if some would like to join. However, gender does not matter. I'd...
  21. The Insane Reaver


    Today I told BlackLighting about my "Girl" who happens to be a Maple Tree named Sylvia! Is this Fact or Fiction? That's a secret I will take to my grave. XD Hope you enjoy, keep it CRAZY everyone!
  22. ZavNation

    Gaming Hey there! Looking for some fun people 10/10

    Hey there! I am not a very big channel (50 subs LEL), but my channel revolves around gaming like many others out there on YouTube. I try to be different with my videos capturing the best funny moments and fails and focusing the edits on those parts. I do take gaming seriously to an extent but...
  23. ZavNation

    The great race in Smite (Mario Karts technically)

    Hey there! Just wanted to showcase to you guys about the new custom game mode that Smite has implemented into their game. It's basically just Mario Karts, but with the smite characters lol. It's still extremely fun though so if you have not tried it out yet, go ahead and do so. You won't regret...
  24. Humor Hub

    Humor Hub Best Moments | February-April 2017

    Hey Guys! This is our collection of our best moments from the start of our channel to now. Hope you enjoy!
  25. Nebhead


    Hey everyone! I've compiled the best and funniest moments I've had in Overwatch from the past 11 months into one video, check it out and I hope you enjoy it!
  26. Canadian_Dragon

    Gaming Looking To Collab With Other PC Gamers

    Sup guys, I'm looking for some fellow Youtubers to collab with (as the title says obviously). I'm 22 years old and am looking to collab on games such as... -Playerunkown's Battlegrounds -CS:GO -Garrys Mod -Rocket League -DayZ -Arma 3 -H1Z1 -GTA 5 -Rust -Rainbow Six Siege -Ark...
  27. Domo

    Gaming Gaming Group XB1 and Pc

    Alright I'm looking for people to start a group. A crew you could say. The two platforms are Xbox one and Pc. I have about 3 other members already in the crew and I'mlooking for more. This crew will really record the togrther and grow together. I feel you're interested message me on twitter for...
  28. Camskiez


    I believe this to be my greatest creation so far. An entertaining intro, to a cheeky middle with a masterpiece at the end. I call it the please help me. Hope you all enjoy! :)
  29. Camskiez


    I hope I can get some people laughing and make your day a little brighter. Thanks everyone