funny moments

  1. The Insane Reaver

    Leeroy Jenkins - Expectation VS. Reality!

    So uh yeah... I just saw Leeroy Jenkins on Youtube for possibly the first time in my life! And I realized that no one has ever thought about doing an Expectation vs. reality type of video. Hope you guys enjoy this little experiment, keep it CRAZY!!! XD
  2. akramnob

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers WHO DO CSGO FUNNY MOMENTS

    i just started a gaming channel.but its hard to do funny video without any one so if you want to collab with me just send me a message ......:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  3. CyHy-Crucify

    Gaming PC Overwatch Collaborations

    Hey I'm CyHy/ Crucify I make Overwatch videos on PC (EU Server), I have just over 2 thousand subs, I'm looking for people who make similar content to my own, have a similar personality and have a similar amount of subs to me :) I make highlights and funny moments montages and I try and upload...
  4. Suprex

    Gaming Looking to collab and make new friends! (PC Only)

    Looking to make a group of friends who are somewhat funny and unique. We can play Garry's Mod, WaW Zombies, Gang Beasts and whatever else. Also would be fun to make some funny before video skits. Please Reply to this thread if interested. Thanks!
  5. Suprex

    Gaming Looking to Collab! (PC Only)

    I am looking to make funny gaming videos like Funny Moments and stuff like that and maybe make some new friends. We could play a variety of games like CSGO, GMod, COD WaW, Gang Beasts, etc. Must be 16+ and have a decent mic with no or little background noise. Reply if interested.
  6. SmokeySpace

    Gaming Looking for people to play gmod with!

    Just looking for some people to play some Garry's mos with for some funny moments you can add me on steam @SmokeySpace or Skype @Smokey Space
  7. T


    hi i am Zee. I am looking for collaborations for csgo and other games. I want funny people as this will bring more viewers. i have 209 subscribers and i do not care about your subscribers i just want the personality. I do not accept people who has a big pride as this will bring bad name to our...
  8. PracticalGaming

    Gaming Looking for collab on PC or Xbox One

    Hello everyone! My name is Jordan, I love playing video games, favorite rapper is Drake, I have a somewhat potty mouth so in this collaboration I am looking for someone who has a similar sense of humor. I just built a PC so I am just starting to play games online such as Roblox, Happy Wheels &...
  9. Camskiez


    Hey everyone just released my newest video! Stream highlights episode 3! At the moment I'm keeping up with making a new video every week! That might not sound like a lot but I put 15+ hours of editing into each of my stream highlights so it does take a lot of time! I hope I can get some of you...
  10. Camskiez


    Just seeing if anyone else is interested in checking out my latest stream highlight video before the next one is released!! If you enjoy the content please like and subscribe new video out tomorrow!! Hopefully I can get you all laughing!
  11. Camskiez

    INSANE ROCKET LEAGUE SAVE! WORST JOKE EVER! (Overwatch and Rocket League)

    Hey everyone my newest video is my latest stream highlights with a lot of hilarious moments. Hope you all enjoy!
  12. TheOnlyICEYHD

    Gaming (PC) CSGO Funny Moments Collab Group

    Me and a few friends are looking for a some people interested in making CSGO Funny Moment videos with a good sense of humor. please be 16+, from America or Canada just so were in the same time range, and don't take games too seriously. we plan on making videos on more games in the future but for...
  13. Forrz

    Gaming YouTube Collab (Yes Its A Generic Name I Know)

    Hey y'all, I wanna do some collab videos with others. I'm looking to collab in games like Garry's Mod, CS:GO, Shell Shock Live, and other fun games. If you are interested, email me at or reply below :)
  14. Simplex

    Gaming CS:GO Funny Moments Group

    I'm looking for a group of people to play CS:GO with and make funny moments videos. I am a GN3 at the moment. Hoping to find people around my rank, who are funny and have youtube channels. Message me on steam or add me on discord: Simplex#6091 for more information or if you are interested...
  15. PureDangles

    New GTA Video (Funny Moment Style)

    Hope you guys dont mind checking this out. It just came out today, and i think its a good video. Its nice and show and entertaining, at least thats how i felt when i was editing.
  16. Nebhead


    Hey guys! Just wanted to share a quick 30 second clip from the For Honor Beta that I had lying around. I hope you guys enjoy!
  17. TheOnlyICEYHD

    Gaming [PC] Looking for Friends to make Funny Gaming Videos with with (Gmod/GTA V/Etc)

    I'm looking for people that want to start making Funny Moment videos, I aspire to make videos such as Vanoss (Not exactly like him, but the style. You know what I mean).I live on EST, I'm always available, I'm 16 with 300+ Subs. I private'd all of my Videos because I wanted to Restart and make...
  18. Z

    Gaming Cards Against Humanity Collab Group (3-4 people)

    hey everyone im looking for a group of 3-4 people to play cards against humanity and make videos from it. must mave a good sense of humour and be around 14-17 years old (i'm 15 myself). If you're interested contact me on skype: swaginton_bear or on discord: ZombieTubeStreams i have around 200...