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  1. Atomicred

    Far Cry 4 Funtage!

    Took a Journey Across Far Cry 4 and collected the funniest moments.
  2. Goob Squad


  3. Goob Squad

    Rocket League Trolling (Funny Moments)- Ft. Ovoxiti Gaming and Vintz

  4. DTay Chaos

    Gaming Overwatch/Friday The 13th Ps4 Group

    PSN: DTayTheGod Must Have: - A mic - 100+ ( For helping eachother grow a little faster) - Sense of humor lol - 16+ Yrs old (Not to be strict or rude but there is a lot of childish 12 year olds on overwatch lol) - can record somewhat frequently Im planning on recording today if i have time
  5. DTay Chaos

    Gaming Looking for a group of funny Ps4 Gamers!

    I have 500 Subs Games I have: - Overwatch - Friday The 13th - Rocket League - Infinite Warfare - J-Stars - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Must have a mic that sounds good Can record on certain days and time 16+ Channel must have at least 100+ subs (For helping eachother grow purposes) My Psn...
  6. N

    Gaming N/A

  7. Suprex

    Gaming PC Gaming Crew!! (16+)

    Looking to start a PC gaming crew. Basically a crew to play games and make funny content. Requirements: -MUST be 16 or older -Have a decent mic with NO background noise -Have a sense of humor and doesn't get really butthurt -Games: -CSGO -GMOD -Gang Beasts -GTA -Golf It/ with...
  8. I


    Hey guys. Got no time to explain but just need friends and funny/creative peeople for cod ww2. Im trying to make cod ww2 funny videos like vanoss did in bo2 back in 2012-2013. Mostly to mess around and get things like funny killcams, kills, deaths, montages and anything funny whether it requires...
  9. Atomicred

    Human Fall Flat Funtage

    This is a game like Gang Beasts but it deals with puzzle solving. Hope you enjoy the video :)
  10. Roosterdcosta


    Hi I'm RuiDC and I'm looking for 2-5 people to record, play with and have fun on games. Requirements: Age 13+ (I'm 15) Have a PS4 or PC Have some of the games I have Games I play on PS4: GTA V, Rocket league, Destiny 2 (when it comes out) Warframe, BloodBorne, Terraria, Minecraft (but I won't...
  11. Jolttix

    Gaming Looking for Funny Moment Creators to join our group

    Hey, how's it goin'. My name is Jolttix and I'm looking for creators that put A LOT of work into their channels. I currently have a small group of about 6 friends that like to upload Funny Moment videos (Mostly CS:GO and WaW Zombies) and we're always looking for people with potential to join our...
  12. Q

    Gaming Looking for a PC collab

    Hey, if you are 17 y.o.+ person with a good mic who plays for fun join our crew. We rec GTA 5, Block Ops3 Zombies, Friday the 13th, Bloody Party, Gmod etc. We rec at 3am-10am according to NY time. Skype: agarioplayer123
  13. Dylan4564


    Hey everyone so you clicked on this because your looking for a group. So in order for this group to function properly here are some requirements! What i have: Vegas pro 14 OBS PC that can run GTA on full graphics with no lag... you get what im trying to say Professional channel art and...
  14. I

    Gaming Looking for FRIENDS (to record for YT on PC/PS4)

    Hey guys and girls! Im a friendly person and im looking for funny ppl to play with and record. Would like to play with people that are around my age (15). Dont care about subs or anything, just be creative and know how to edit vids. If you dont its ok and im here to be friends and have fun, not...
  15. ResidualPirate

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! (MY MIND) | Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy PS4 [Failed] Playthrough #3

    ***{FIXED}*** Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy [Failed] Playthrough #3 [Last playthrough, since it gave me a huge headache. Gonna only stream this game from now on so view from there for gameplay. Thanks] Feel free to like/comment/subscribe and let me know what you think Hope you enjoy and...
  16. Suprex

    Gaming Funny Moments Gaming Crew?

    I am looking for somewhat funny PC gamers to make funny vids with. I havent uploaded in a year but that is mainly because I've been trying to get money to upgrade my PC. I currently have 140 Subscribers on YouTube. This is what I am looking for: - Funny YouTubers to maybe become friends with in...
  17. Dylan4564


    Hey everyone! My names Dylan and im a 15 year old kid trying to make funny moments with a group of people (5-7 ish). Im wanting people who want to make highly edited funny moments on PC and you have some of these games and meet the requirements! Battlefield 1, Gmod, BO3, BO2 GTA 5, Rainbow six...
  18. Dylan4564


    Hey im Dylan a 15 year old kid making youtube videos. im mostly making funny moments so i need a group to do it with! requirement -Any amount of subs -PC -Want to make funny moments -Have Discord -Active -Have at least 2 these games: Cod BO3, Rocket league, COD BO2, Rainbow six seige, GTA 5 and...
  19. I


    Hey guys :D my name is Apace and im 15. Im looking for funny and creative people on pc. I have both skype and discord and have a good mic. Would love if you can be in my age category, funny, creative, and have a descent mic. I play on pc and play gmod. Looking to expand in more games in the...
  20. K00KIE01

    Gaming Xbox / PC gaming collab

    REQUIREMENTS -age 16+ -more than at least 150+ subs\ -play well with others isnt a total nob head -plays either of the two xbox one or pc either will do. -Be sure to check if you enjoy the content i make and are willing to collab in that kinda genre. If you believe you meet those requirements...
  21. Jolttix

    Gaming PC Funny Moment Creators that Want to Grow on YouTube

    I'm looking for people that put an extreme amount of work into their YouTube channels. People that actually see a future in YouTube and take it seriously. I make funny moments and put a lot of effort into my videos and I expect the same from you. I mainly play CS:GO (I'm S3) and WaW Zombies at...
  22. Dylan4564


    Hey everyone, im a 15 year old kid looking for someone to collab with, here are some requirements! -Be prepared to play as a group. -Must have a PC NO OTHER CONSOLE! -Above 10 subs -High quality equipment (professional banner, 720p/1080p recording, decent mic and decent PC). -age...
  23. T

    Gaming YouTuber looking for crew

    I'm looking for other youtubers who are dedicated and can also have some fun at times. You must have a decent mic that works and have some form of way to record in 1080p (Exceptions are made). Also have more than 75 subscribers. Lastly have an active upload schedule at least once a week. You...
  24. Jolttix

    Gaming World at War Custom Zombies Collab (Funny Moments)

    I recently bought WaW on PC for the Modded Zombies. I just want some people that don't mind screwing around on the maps and just enjoy zombies. I'm really exited to play a COD game again. -Be someone that's serious about YouTube and wants to grow -Have an active channel -16 y/o or older -A...
  25. Alex Lentz

    Gaming Possible Collaboration?

    Aight, so I'n looking to grow my channel big time. but i figured with the video style I'm going for, I would need a group of people to record with. Just so you're not confused, I'm aiming at a style similar to vanossgaming. I'm currently only limited to xbox one but I will soon upgrade to PC...
  26. Atomicred

    Henry Stickman Funny Moments

    Hope you enjoy the video and please tell me which Henry Sitckman game was your favorite.
  27. Suprex

    Gaming Looking for PC Gamers to make funny videos with.

    I am looking for somewhat funny PC gamers to make funny vids with. I havent uploaded in a year but that is mainly because I've been trying to get money to upgrade my PC. I currently have 140 Subscribers on YouTube. This is what I am looking for: - Professional YouTubers ( Professional name and...
  28. K

    Gaming Looking for a Group/Partner Just made new channel!!

    My old youtube had around 2.4k subscribers and if you wanted to know why I made this new channel and looking for some awesome people it's because I was sticking to one game and no one wanted me to play anything different so now im here I play Rust, PUBG, CSGO, OverWatch, and Gmod for major...
  29. Raditation

    Gaming Anyone between the ages of 15-17 with GTA 5 on PS4 Wanna Collab?

    Hey, I am a content creator on youtube who has been making videos for 3 years, I am currently 16 and am looking to collaborate or befriend anyone around my age who plays Grand Theft Auto V on PS4, my timezone is Australian so it would be better if your time zone is close to mine, but even if it...
  30. I

    Gaming PS4, GTA 5 comedy team

    Hey guys im ApaceGaming and I am looking for a funny team of ppl to film funny moments. I would like to play with ages of 14 and up as im 15 and its easier for me. I like playing GTA 5 and there are a lot of new things after the update so im looking forward to film it. Please be serious and...