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Hey, how's it goin'. My name is Jolttix and I'm looking for creators that put A LOT of work into their channels. I currently have a small group of about 6 friends that like to upload Funny Moment videos (Mostly CS:GO and WaW Zombies) and we're always looking for people with potential to join our group. I'M SERIOUS THOUGH, YOU HAVE TO PUT EFFORT INTO YOUR VIDEOS. None of that Lets-Play stuff or 20 minute gameplays. I'm talkin' 4-10 minutes of funny, well edited videos. Last thing, NO MINECRAFT!

  • Be 16-20 ( I'm 18)
  • At least have CS:GO (Silver 3)
  • Decent mic (I have Blue Yeti)
  • Have an active channel (I usually post once a week)
  • Don't be shy
  • It's okay to rage, I do.
  • I live in America, you don't have to though.
  • No racism, even if you're joking.
  • Not a requirement, but no drugs is a plus.
Check out my channel if you think you post the content I'm looking for. If you want to talk to me, message me on discord Jolttix #2264

P.S. Some of my friends don't even follow some of these requirements. I'm trying to get them to be more serious about YT.
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