I'm looking for people that want to start making Funny Moment videos, I aspire to make videos such as Vanoss (Not exactly like him, but the style. You know what I mean).I live on EST, I'm always available, I'm 16 with 300+ Subs. I private'd all of my Videos because I wanted to Restart and make the videos I like. If you're willing to become my friend and make funny videos with me, Message me! My Skype is Bigrod391 "Its not sexual"
Please be 16+ (No Squeakers)

I'm looking for people with the Games
Garry's Mod

My Skype is Bigrod391 "Its not sexual"
My Steam is steamcommunity.com/id/TheOnlyICEYHD/
My Discord is TheOnlyICEY#8198

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